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  1. My view

    Tonight's view
  2. photo test please

  3. photo test please

  4. Out With Eldest

    Women and granddaughter is reason he's to busy lately, but turned out crap because a dog walker wouldn't stay on footpath when asked, after explaining this is private land was told tuff we won't be killing any rabbits whilst i'm about she said, got a bit of a shock when beef cattle "accidentally" ran in her direction lol
  5. Out With Eldest

    Will be first time in a few years that me and eldest son have managed to get out for a walk around, going to try the Webley FX and Falcon
  6. First Pcp

    F##k me only said how pleased I am with my falcon raptor lol
  7. Falcon Raptor Mk 2

    I'm well impressed with mine used mate's BSA ultra very nice but felt small in comparison
  8. Webley Fx

    It's a very good design of a rifle son's well impressed I found it heavy compared to my falcon but putting a big sac silencer on had balanced it well
  9. 30meter grouping well impressed with these PCP
  10. Webley Fx

    10 shots at measured 30meters
  11. Webley Fx

    It's a 22 well impressed with it eldest son is well chuffed about it. Put a better silencer on now so whisper quite
  12. Webley Fx

    Anybody know what fill probe is needed tried 1 from a FX but holes don't line up. Thanks
  13. Webley Fx

  14. Webley Fx

    F**CK they work then
  15. Webley Fx

    It's got an 8 shot magazine with it a Walther scope,seems heavy to me so will fit a sling and bipod, hope it's as good or better than my falcon