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  1. Energy drinks

    I got too the stage where I was having upto about 12 of them a day. I drank them because I used to like the taste and found them to be the right size just to have a quick drink,not as big as a can of coke ect that would sit open getting dust in it and getting warm.never found them to do any harm....until I stopped one day.jesus christ head aches nausea chest pains the lot.felt terrible for a good few days
  2. Deafness in white dogs

    My parents had boxers for years and years.not all white ones are deaf but I'd say more than half of the ones we had anything to do with.never had or seen a deaf coloured one though
  3. beavers released in scotland

    They'e here in Kent. One keeps visiting my Mrs garden and wrecking trees
  4. Pumpkins 🎃

  5. Cocking Leg?

    I've got a bitch that does it.will also piss over another dogs piss.anyone else seen it?
  6. Blue Bones On My Venison

    You didn't cut it up with a hack saw by any chance?looks like the blue has rubbed off the blade?
  7. Colleague/friend. Scam

    No different to going to any other weekly club and paying a weekly fee.he obviously enjoys it and can afford 20 a week if he lives with his parents.if they start telling him to transfere his savings to Uganda and join a cult I would step in but if he's simple it's probably the only thing he has to look forward to every week .
  8. Met Anyone Famous?

    do you have many concerts on your farmNot any more mate.became a bit of a joke in the end
  9. Met Anyone Famous?

    Sea sick Steve played a concert on our farm.lovely guy very interested in everything we did
  10. Doctor Who..........?

    They seem to be forgetting he's a doctor not a nurse
  11. Mysteries Of Life......

    The word Disgruntled...you never hear anyone say I feel really gruntled today.the same with disappointed.
  12. Old Dog Videos

    what i like about this clip is how the saluki has not changed one bit,unlike other breeds down through the yrs.There's a few about old dog shows.the change in some breeds compared to today is criminal
  13. Old Dog Videos

    British Pathé Dogs in History: Loads here
  14. Old Dog Videos

    https://youtu.be/s_xl7yD55K0 Some brilliant old videos on here some might find interesting
  15. What To Do, What To Do .......

    I've got a similar problem except the bloke I can't stand is a brother in law so have to see him fairly regularly. Fake fake fake mate.fake smile fake chat.chat to everyone else as much as possible.but inside I'm having dark thoughts.Mrs knows how I feel but it's not worth causing a family civil war