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  1. Beddlington X Pup Wanted

    Micky thornhill on facebook just had a litter last week.
  2. im supprised you can find anything in youre garage mark , theres that much stuff lol, atb moe.
  3. Aa Tdr .22

    Sent you a pm.
  4. Rabbit Snares For Sale

    Sold to fieldsport hunter, thanks.
  5. Rabbit Snares For Sale

    Thanks ollie for reply, provisionaly sold to fieldsporthunter.
  6. Rabbit Snares For Sale

    Ive got a 100 for sale all wrapped up ready to post, £70 plus postage .pm if intersted.
  7. Ferret Lost To Fox?

    Had it happen twice once lost 2 to a vixon with cubs , got a mark at 12 feet no movement for couple ofhours so filled 2 holes in went back next day 1 hole opened up still marking at 12 feet.filled in again wentback a couple of times just the same so left it unable to dig it.second times working a big old warren in a copse got a few rabbits out then fox appears with my polecat in its mouth I shouted and threw netbag at it it let go of the ferret which screamed and ran away.there was no sign of my other ferret with collar on waited for hours no mark so went home.
  8. Daystate 10 Shot

    What is the shot count , thanks.
  9. Last Trip Up Woodgas

    Nice pics looks like plenty going on.
  10. Ferrets Worked Well This Week

    Nice to see someone getting big bags , well done.
  11. Bsa R10 Mk2 Pepper Stock

    No just a deal and you did not ask for any money and it was you who offered to come to me as you were passing , not comingout of youre way .just turn it around you would not of liked it done to you NO .
  12. Bsa R10 Mk2 Pepper Stock

    did he say you could have it and sold it someone elseyes mate pmd him last night agreed to meet next friday as he was passing my home all sorted them sends me a pm sold to someone else, and they wonder why everybody wary about doing deals on here.
  13. Bsa R10 Mk2 Pepper Stock

    I had first dibs on this and the cu#t pulled the plug , what happened to a deal is a deal.
  14. Ferrets Gone

    So sorry to hear this will miss reading your posts, my heart goes out to you and your family , just been in the same situation with my uncle.atb moe.
  15. Nice gun mate .