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  1. A bit of cover

    Both mine will go in cover if they think it's worth it or the fekers get me to go in to move it for them. I seem to spend a fair bit of my time waist deep in bramble's or gorse. Them dogs have trained me well lol
  2. Brook end vets

    Without him a few of my dogs would have been retired long before they did. I had a lot of respect for him .My beardie cross hated him, it used to make us laugh when he had to look in his mouth. Him and his wife stood about 6 ft away with a flash light while i held is mouth open.
  3. Brook end vets

    Your right there. ain,t many vets i trust. Feel sorry for his family another one of the good guys gone.
  4. Brook end vets

    I thought somthing serious had gone down . Was a good bloke helped me out no end ,knocked the wind out of my sails. Thank for the reply matt
  5. Brook end vets

    Any one thats from the midlands know what is going on with Andre Pretorius at brookend farm as it has notice up closed until further notice.Hope he is ok Good man and a good dog vet
  6. Raw diet

    Fair enough i find it bang on but then agian i defrost mine in a bucket of water so would not know
  7. Raw diet

    I thinkTpms Dileves into south wales http://www.tpms.co.uk
  8. Raw diet

    I get it raw and i mince most of it then in the freezer.
  9. Raw diet

    Feed mine Beef lamb chicken horse meat liver tripe. Most of the bone is lamb also chicken carcass and frozen wings as a treat and table scraps. Variety is the spice of life so they say
  10. High Protein Food And No Work.

    I get from a knackers yard in Cannock
  11. High Protein Food And No Work.

    Better of feeding raw no problem with to much protein if they put weight on feed less if they go light feed more. Mine get a fair bit of horse meat looks better than the joint my mrs cooks for our dinner
  12. We Visit From A Beardie Cross

    Looks like a real good match to me
  13. Working The Reed Beds

    Fair play to you and the dogs Fella. Enjoy watching the dogs hunt up
  14. Let's See Ur Rough Haired Lurchers !!!

    He looks a lot heaver than what he is just under 30 kg. He is keeping me on my toes