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  1. Rat poison

    Any of the commercially available rodenticide poisons difenacoum bromadiolone will do, you can get it for the moment in multiple 1.5 kg tubs blocks or seed get it from a local farmer outlet, so long as you use it correctly you should have success allow for a couple of weeks of feeding for best results don,t expect immediate results (if its being eaten keep feeding) don't stop unless the bait is no longer being eaten and then leave it down for a few days after just to make sure.
  2. New layout

    New look not for me.
  3. Rats Are Back

    I would definitely recommend a purpose made bait box and poison i would recommend bait blocks secured in bait box, as much as possible away from dog access but on rats route to food up against a wall or similar put something heavy on top to stop any of your dogs moving it from its position,keep topping up as they eat it and after a while they will be gone, blocks are better then grain grain can get spilled out of box and put pets or none target species in danger rats food source if its in your garden or next door probably be bird food?,traps imo find are hit and miss with only the odd rat getting court.This time of year feeding birds will inevitably attract rats.
  4. Mole Traps ??

    Myself two days normally, its usually enough time to do job.
  5. 42 grain Winchester for me, my cz loves them and they hit hard,its amazing imo what a difference just an extra 2 grains make.
  6. A Nice Treble

    If there out wondering daytime probably feeding cubs this time of year,unless requested I leave them until after harvest.
  7. Pulsar Apex Thermal Scope

    I have a Pulsar Apex 75 flaming expensive,I use it on my rimmys and air rifle no problem swapping over no problems has it can hold three different zero memory's,it has opened up an entire new world seeing stuff that normal IR wasn't seeing still got all my IR stuff but in my book thermal well out performance it for me,seeing foxes 1/2 mile roosting birds 1000 mtrs, rats playing in woods fields hundreds of mtrs away, hares laying up in fields,forget IMO what people say about its downsides everything has those,the positives well out strip any negatives,Had it for over a year now and yes you have to be careful with identifying stuff at range in particular at start but you quickly learn learn the difference between foxes and dog and cats and rabbits at distance close in work lets say 200 mtrs definition is good and even closer outstanding,safety wise as well its outstanding seeing heat sources through hedges and bushes,anyone on your perm your going to see them even if they are hiding from you,I thought long and hard before purchasing but since never looked back,I head shoot everything with this scope no problems at all,I will mansion one thing that this scope requires, when zeroing there has to a good difference between target heat sources I personally use the ring pull tin can lids and any old coins they show up well on any background.Just one more lol pea soup-fog / rain this scope still sees the same.
  8. Setting Putagnes

    It took me some time to feel confident in setting and catching with these traps,just stick with them dont mix them with other traps for a while and you will soon feel confident using them, there are a great adition to a mole catchers armory.
  9. Moles Down Holes

    They turned up. Set 10 against 10 trapline today. My first outing with putanges. I like the fact you can get the business end much further into the run than traplines. Also good that you can anchor them in place which stops the quarry dislodging them. On the minus side, side The gape of the jaws seems quite small. I measured it against the shoulders of a big boar and couldn't see how the animal could fit through it !?? I always set my putanges with the so called square more of a rectangle on mine turned to its widest lenght,and put the trigger closer to the jaws then probally most people and I always have great succes with them,always a neck chest area clean kill,give them a brush up with a fine wire brush were the trigger fits every time you reset I use a spark plug wire brush there cheep as chips, set the trigger fine but not to much of a hair trigger and you should be catching,I found Putanges like learning to ride a bike ones your up a going its plain sailing lol.
  10. Mole Trappers

    Same here Fenn, Putanges and Talpex for me,I to get alot of back fills when it comes to barrels even though I make every effort to set them correct anytips with the barrels would be apprecieated.
  11. Nite Sight Eagle

    I used the nitesite wolf on my rim fires good in (ideal) conditions up to 300 mtrs had rabbits up 150 and the odd fox a little closer, still got this unit but since moved to thermal I found charly getting spooked at around 150 mtrs with the dull red glow the ir gives out,still a good bit of kit to have thought.One thing to rememember is that if you need glasses to use a pc or read you will need them as well to see the units monitor clearly something I didnt realise untill i'd purchased one of these units.
  12. Help !

    I know its not the photon but I've used both with the T67 on my Nitesite wolf the 840 pill was a little subdued but still worked at ruffly same range,i used the 840 pill to try and to some degree eliminate the dull red glow I got with the 940 pill because Charley was clocking it at around 200 mtrs and getting spooked, the 940 pill cast a larger field of view at distance,if your photons ir is getting over exposed it will because of the power of the T67,try using a 3 mode pill you get low/medium/and full power setting to choose from.
  13. Putange Markers

    I use pebbles just pushed in surface, usually two to mark trap in public areas,a good memory always helps as well.
  14. Ferrets And Dogs

    Good keen dogs there excellent.