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  1. goldfinger

    Stainless steel putange

    Same here a little scrub with a small wire brush before setting keeps them from sticking,IMO the triggers work better with some corrosion on surface, I use a small spark plug brush.
  2. goldfinger

    940nm IR

    When rabbits and anything else has been lamped at night they can become weary of that colour light,so if lamped with a red light they can become spooked by the dull red glow from an ir source and bolt, you can see this happening though your ir sight the rabbits will actually look in your direction when they notice that dull red glow,if there not lamped regularly they won't bolt.
  3. goldfinger

    940nm IR

    Hello some trails that I did back in 2015 using a Nightsite Wolf, at a ir wave length of 850nm i was getting much better visibility at distance and if I can remember correctly the night Wolf was at that time using 850nm,the problem was that at that wave length the dull red glow that is unavoidably emitted by ir can still be seen quite easily and I was getting problems with charly seeing this and turning and running before I could get him in distance with my .17 hmr,so I trailed a (T67 950nm) ir torch which at this wave length the dull red red glow is less visible to us humans and animals,the torch had three output levels, coupled with my Nitesite Wolf I was getting resonable results,after turning of ir on the Nitesite using the torch only I was getting over 300 yards good visibility on full zoom full power,150+ on medium.up to 40+low,all this with a fraction of visible ir light (the dull glow) that I got from 850nm ir,of cause the amount zoom to flood on this torch does impact on distance but I was getting reasonable results at all levels compared with the 850nm ir on wolf set up,the only downside at the moment is the extra weight added with the torch mounted on scope but to combat this I was using a set of shooting sticks whilst out stalking. In a nut shell to sum up at 850nm the ir seen through any receiving device is much more of a stronger light,at 940nm the ir light is some what weaker but the visible spectrum that we and animals can see is less visible,just remember as I found all that extra kit added to a rifle can make them extremely uncomfortable to carry and use especially if your stalking, Thank You hope this might be of some use..
  4. goldfinger

    Winchester sub's .22

    .17 hmr makes rabbit shooting to easy,I generally use mine for out and out they gotta go.much more enjoyable with .22 rimy imo.
  5. goldfinger

    Mossberg 500 .410

    I found 2" carts to open a pattern at anything other than very close range.
  6. goldfinger

    Golf course, moles.

    Get them to lend you a buggy mate.
  7. goldfinger


    As with any caliber they all have there uses step outside its capability and you run the risk of not being fair to your quarry, every caliber has its pro's and cons do your research before deciding to buy a rifle and stick to the right distances it can constantly and accurately kill humanly,all of us at times strive to get that really long shot pushing the caliber well beyond what we knowing should, just so we can say we did.
  8. goldfinger

    Longer is quieter.

    If you google this subject there are some quiet technical what look like valid reasons to explain this phenomenon.....
  9. goldfinger

    Longer is quieter.

    Probably someone on here will be able to explain more professionally on this subject than me, I was today very surprised with difference in sound between the two rifles.
  10. Been out today checking zero .22 rimy the farmer brought along his .22 to do the same,he said whilst zeroing that my silencer was not as quiet as his, we were both using the same ammo,my rifle is a CZ 452 and his a bruno,so I put my silencer on his bruno but his gun was still shooting surprisingly quieter than mine even with my silencer fitted and still as quiet as with his, the only difference with the two rifles was the barrel length my CZ is 16" and his not having a tape measure handy at the time was around 22.5",to cut this story short I decided to look this up and found out that a longer barrel has a reduced exit gas pressure bang and the shorter barrel a larger end exit pressure bang but as both are ammo was subsonic the sound difference despite having the same moderator on was very surprising,this surprised me as I always assumed that it was the moderator that did all the suppressing,something to consider if I decide to purchase a new .22 rimy. (P/S we tried are rifles without a moderator fitted but still the 22..5" barrel was significantly quieter).
  11. goldfinger

    Grand sunrise.

    If I had to get rid of all my guns loosing the .22 rimy would sadden me the most, its a fantastic caliber to own and shoot.
  12. goldfinger

    Rabbits with HMR

    Just a word of warning with all this modern technology you can soon shoot out your permission, I tend (unless told other wise) to look at managing numbers rather than a total wipe out to a point were they find it difficult to recover, this way the population can still give you an enjoyable day/night shooting with a few in freezer and keep Mr farmer happy as well.
  13. goldfinger

    Rabbits with HMR

    I shot HMR for a few years now took plenty of rabbits at all ranges,poly tip ammo generally stops expanding around 150 mark because of volatility drop,usually the damage is not as some would say all mine have been edible the odd one you might have to discard a portion off the rabbit,the expansion that found on rabbit was usually around size of a golf ball,IE: taking hart lungs out or part or most off skull,stick to head/shoulder shots and they should be fine to eat.
  14. goldfinger

    Rabbits with HMR

    I went the thermal route about 12 mths + ago, a totally new world opened up for me,never looked back very expensive but worth it.