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  1. Hw97K.22 £375 Wrexham

    No one fancy a trade ?
  2. Hw97K.22 £375 Wrexham

    Sensible offers welcome ... may also consider swaps
  3. Hw97K.22 £375 Wrexham

    Cracking gun pal just not getting any use
  4. Hw97k .22 Practically brand new its had roughly 20 pellets it. Has a black synthetic thumb hole stock. Fitted with bushnell trophy xlt scope. Comes with a bag £375ono Wrexham will add more pics later if needed.
  5. Tracer Battery Help

  6. Tracer Battery Help

    Anyone local to Wrexham got a charger for a 10v 4ah battery I could borrow ? I've lost mine and haven't used the battery in some time so would ideally like to test if it works ok before buying another charger. Thanks in advance
  7. Whats Going On In London?

    It's all about using reasonable force .. if it was a matter of him or you and he had the knife coming at you and you did some Jackie chan Bruce lee shit and the knife ended up going through his eye / throat / heart and killing him then you did what you felt was necessary to save you and yours then I'm pretty sure you'd get away Scott free
  8. Whats Going On In London?

    And that is how the majority feel so nothing will happen
  9. Whats Going On In London?

    All these let's do something / someone should do something ?? What the fcuk do you suggest ??
  10. Whats Going On In London?

    What solutions do people have ?? What can joe public do ?? It's alrite saying burn down this batter all muzi's .. all it will do is get you a holiday curtesy of the queen.