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  1. Forester

    Yes 07734346580
  2. Forester

    Yes 07734346580
  3. Forester

    2.0 non turbo green forester sport for sale fsh 52 plate 120k faild mot on 2 tyres drives perfect! I'm on the taxis so don't need the car anymore £750
  4. Stolen Lurcher

    There's shit loads getting robbed it's a joke! Little rats
  5. Red Mills

    I think it's crap! Mine are on eukanuba work and endurance its sound
  6. All Dogs First Season

    Went out last night lads 8 slips a caught 6 couldn't believe it I hope the penny has dropped
  7. All Dogs First Season

    I've tried everything lads day time she is nuts but on the lamp she isn't arsed
  8. All Dogs First Season

    18 months
  9. All Dogs First Season

    I've got a bull grey that's pissing me off will not run on the lamp 1st slip she will but after that she will just watch by my side an if the other dogs catch she just comes running back!!!
  10. Who Gives Electrolytes ?

    I use them most time I'm out if the dogs been worked hard it's good stuff
  11. Beddy X Grey

    I no what you mean! It's like the divvys breeding of pet Bulls just because It's a bull
  12. Beddy X Grey

    I've always run bull xs but I've got a Wheaton x rough haired now!
  13. Beddy X Grey

    There's none where I'm from just bull xs I'm looking on getting 1 I think
  14. Beddy X Grey

    Anyone run a beddy x grey or seen one work? Are they a good all rounders?