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  1. Crypto currencies

    Interesting rollercoaster. Be grand again in a few months.
  2. Trump Under Fire

    Remember the last lad chanting lock her up.......
  3. Crypto currencies

    Bit of a moot point for me at the minute, had a few minutes this evening and can't get an account on any of the main exchanges Coinbase taking it's time verifying me and others flat out not accepting new members.
  4. Crypto currencies

    Whole lotta "coins" I know sfa about, and the blockchain technology behind some or all of them I know less about. Is anyone here knowledgeable on these digital currencies, do more than buy and hodl (not much better than buying a lotto ticket ie gambling as far as I can make out). Just looking to start a conversation on is there a few fiat quid to be made on them?
  5. Trump Under Fire

    Thought someone would've shot the orange twat by now tbh. Still, words of comfort from Old Moores Almanac that he's not going to finish out his term for "health reasons". So, I deduce from that it may yet be lead poisoning
  6. Trump Under Fire

    If I remember correctly, the south used to be a stronghold for Democrats. Things change. Once Dems were seen as pro slavery, today would you reckon a racist would vote for a Dem? People are stupid, which is how history often repeats itself.
  7. Trump Under Fire

    Tide comes in, tide goes out, if the emperor isn't wearing clothes I'd advise not looking. 2018 elections should be interesting. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/364622-ny-daily-news-hits-moore-screw-you-and-horse-you-rode-in-on
  8. Brexit Thread Redux

    I think Leo is doing a good job on brexit for this island. Fine Gael got an 11 point jump in the polls on the back of it. I think you're way off the mark Wilf.
  9. Brexit Thread Redux

    They very much are in power. Firstly May is propped up by the DUP, she cannot afford to lose any votes from her own party. In that instance the tail is capable of wagging the dog. Second, wrong on UKIP, if that were true why have they no seats in the House of Commons? Support for UKIP melted back into the right wing of the Tories after the referendum. Besides all of that being in power or no doesn't disallow one from making plans that have have rooting and substance in the real world. From the outside looking in it appears they were totally unprepared and remiss in their duty.
  10. Brexit Thread Redux

    Disadvantage? Just what have the empty vessels on the right wing anti Europe side of the Tory party been doing for the past twenty plus years. Braying about leaving then playing with their mickeys? No plan, no clue, led up the garden path. Should they not have had a strategy, a solution? At our farmer meetings, we'd always offer jobs to the loudest complainers, they'd have to either shut up or get constructive in a hurry.
  11. Brexit Thread Redux

    Yup, think India were particularly insistent on that.
  12. Brexit Thread Redux

    Three things I noticed, only barely remember though. Not long after the referendum May went to India, and I think got a lukewarm reception in terms of trade. Trump made made some comment also, but I don't recall what it was. Then of late either Australia or NZ made a fuss within the WTO about agreements getting changed. I get the sense others see one being separated from the herd.
  13. Brexit Thread Redux

    Just a bit predictable and pointless. Some of the statements like go whistle and a number of other things, what were they meant to achieve. From my point of view they only served to get peoples backs up, who would then sit across a negotiating table at a point in the future. If the odds are against you, don't march in shouting you're all a shower of c**ts, it gives people common cause.
  14. Brexit Thread Redux

    Lol, how do you justify the UK's lack of negotiating ability being the EU's fault? No one forced ye to do anything. The difficulty for the brexiteer is in admitting they want the EU goodies like SM access and to achieve that they must compromise on other things. What happened to the bluster of walking away? They need us more than we need them etc.
  15. Brexit Thread Redux

    No offense but it's not hard to understand. The British Government, which you all elected, don't want to "just leave" and fall off a cliff as some on here would have it. They want to normalise trade and relations after brexit happens. The only way to achieve that is through negotiation with others. One cannot negotiate with oneself, and others will always protect their own interests. It's that complicated.