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  1. Dash cams & reversing cameras

    Anyone know about the above for a T5 VW Transporter. Lot of shit/daredevil drivers around, would feel better having a decent day/night recording of any mishap. Also looking for a reversing camera as the bulkhead & blacked out rear windows impede rear view slightly
  2. Looks Like We Are Out Out

    So, is March 2019 the time ye finally end up blaming ye're own lot for their f**k ups and not the rest of us?
  3. Trump Under Fire

    Trump was never under fire, sure he had a bone spur.
  4. J.f.k

    That fella is the biggest f***ing crank. You'd want to be on crank to believe any of his shite. Look on YouTube for a bit John Oliver done on him, self serving POS.
  5. J.f.k

    My money is on Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Shocker I know.
  6. Waterproof Pants

    Them the ones Jig.
  7. Waterproof Pants

    Have a look for Hyrowear Aclimatex Rainwear, don't know about the jacket but the trousers are good, am out in all sorts of shite on the farm. I find them a lot better than the Berghaus I used to wear.
  8. Home Brewing

    the coopers irish stout it really nice if made with spraymalt instead of sugar.yes its spot on I have done this with brewing sugar instead of normal white sugar its very tasty, I bottled there stout, and kegged a bitter, am going to get some in for Xmas, trying to get some flip top bottles Aldi are doing a beer festival....loads of beers in flip top bottles.... buying em full of beer works out a few quid more expensive than buying em empty!!!! I'd a batch of cider go manky on me once upon a time. Swing top bottles, I figure the seals (first use) weren't doing their job. On opening if you didn't get a good POP! you knew it was mank. Got a capper after that and didn't look back. Get as many empty bottles down the local as you can handle.
  9. Home Brewing

    I keep meaning to get brewing some cider again. Had some nice stuff made from pure (cloudy) apple juice bought in Lidl. Dead easy to make, just takes time.
  10. Would You

    Reckon her reasoning is a bit thin. Do know of a dispute where land was split into 4 parcels. Two were sold off on the condition (gentlemans agreement) that they would not object to housing on the remaining two parcels, to be built on by family. Naturally enough when the time came for the family to build, the occupants of the first two parcels objected, against the terms of the informal agreement. After giving it some thought, the man in question invited travellers to make full use of the land. He never said a word to the objectors nor acted upset nor spoke badly of them. But the objections were withdrawn, and the houses got built.
  11. Le Pen & The French Elections

    If I put a bet on with every UK forum member who said Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Greece again, Italy again, Brexit, Trump, Wilders, Le Pen (have I forgotten anyone?) was going to finish the EU I'd never have to work a day in my life again. I'm surprised anyone thinks the EU will continue to survive in it's present form. The Banking crisis hasn't gone away, the EU countries have no tools to fight another recession since interest rates are virtually zero, debt to GDP is through the roof and QE has been going on for years. Greece will never be able to pay off it's debt and all of the Southern European economies are in tatters. The German economy benefited hugely from the devalued Euro and the bailouts which propped up their economy but Germany could be in trouble because almost half of it's GDP comes from exports, most of which go to other European countries. Another recession will happen it's just a matter of time, if it happens within two years it could easily turn in to a second global crisis far worse that 2008. It is during the bad times that people turn to populist or nationalist ideals and by kicking the can down the road there is a very real chance that what we will get is worse or at least more extreme than Trump or Le Pen. Macron will bring no change, it is likely the parliament will be very fractured and require blocks to be formed between multiple parties and lack cohesion. The survival of the EU to pay off it's debts relies on a return to economic growth which I don't see coming. In my opinion the EU is in it's death throws, but like an empire it will take time to die. Lol, sure everything dies in the end. That's hardly a prediction is it? I mean our sun will die eventually so the whole lot will go. It's the continual "XYZ" will do them in that's boring. Then the same individuals whinge when the EU take a tough line on Brexit negotiations.
  12. Le Pen & The French Elections

    If I put a bet on with every UK forum member who said Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Greece again, Italy again, Brexit, Trump, Wilders, Le Pen (have I forgotten anyone?) was going to finish the EU I'd never have to work a day in my life again.
  13. Le Pen & The French Elections

    He was a shit finance minister for Holland, utterly contrived attempt to try and appear as an outsider.Voters over there must be either thick or cowards. Ara yeah sure don't ya just hate stunts http://time.com/4753133/french-election-marine-le-pen-national-front-leader-stepping-down/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/07/front-national-renamed-jean-marie-le-pen-criticises-daughters/
  14. Le Pen & The French Elections

    Godwin's Law Truth hurts. So does the penny being dropped and having her arse handed to her
  15. Le Pen & The French Elections

    Well done France, that's the fascists kept at bay for another spell.