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  1. James bulger killers

    PAIR OF DIRTY ROTTEN RAT b*****ds,I watched the program an walked out the living room when the c**ts was getting interviewed saying they were throwing bricks at him and he kept getting back up, knocked me so SICK I've got a son same age as James an gave me shivers.poor poor little lad
  2. Staffy Bull

  3. Staffy Bull

    An old bull goin back few years
  4. Working dogs

  5. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Few of fkof litter he kept back to add to his pack absolutely cracking pups credit to him 👍🏻
  6. Show Us Your Pups

  7. Show Us Your Pups

    Young dog I bred 12 month old
  8. can u connect the tracer lamps to the battery's ?
  9. Show Us Your Pups

    how much deerhound is in him.?he looks nearly 1/2 x bull/grey. its a bitch g.b 1/4 deerhound
  10. Show Us Your Pups

    Ye, deer-bull-grey mate
  11. Show Us Your Pups

    12 month old next month
  12. Beagle X Spaniel Pics

    Two bushers fkof kept back pair of crackers
  13. Beagle X Spaniel Pics

    They went to foot pack for fox drives atb mud
  14. Beagle X Spaniel Pics

    Here's Afew pics of FKOF litter he bred,beagle spaniels Sire beagle-spaniel Dam beagle-spaniel Cracking litter he kept 2 back and gifted the rest of the Litter to good working homes,