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  1. Duck Shooting

    starting from mid september , mallard, teal widgeon some goose shooting later in the year, pm for details
  2. Ferreting Opportunity

    iv burned a load of whinns and need one more team of ferreters to bolt rabbits to guns in the biggar area, hopeless trying to net them with all the snags, and it needs done at speed ...obs all safe shots ...its this sunday morning coming so PM me for more details .
  3. Gun Dog Advice Help

    I have never seen a Brittany that worked that close. Mine range out to 150 to 4 or 500 yards. Some will range even wider ....Like into the next county...LOL maybe david yours aren't as well trained as they should be then, watch alectoris video and you'll see how they should behave if you put the time in ..that said you need to do that with most spaniels or like you say they'll end up in the next county
  4. Lost Dog

    anytime pal more than welcome
  5. Lost Dog

    same auld me benny pal lol just differant breed of dugs now lol..hope the fella gets his dog back
  6. Lost Dog

    anybody i know benny ?
  7. Where To Start?

    I am his his dads friend so well done antz on getting your ticket a few months ago and going on to cull 3 roe does on your first day out and carrying on to cull a few more,
  8. Gun Dog Advice Help

    a brittany spaniel, they will work close to you and stand on point
  9. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    you forgot the steel rod stevie lol
  10. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    the amount of stuff you get in that I'm callin you dr who stevie lol
  11. Wanted

    live catch in at one end of the place and rabbit mesh up pal but no can do at other parts, its a quick fix I need to get the folks garden and fruit garderns up and running pest free, getting on top tho just need the odd one or 3 buries done
  12. Wanted

    somebody in the south lanrkshire area to come and ferret rabbits out of some ground due to have raised veggy plots made, soon as possible please...iv been poppin a few off with the .22 but bit of a rush on now, can give you the odd day on other bits of land I have access to later in the year, and airguning ferrels on some farms also, no time wasters pm me if interested
  13. Roe Sack

    you'll get an x army rucksack on ebay for buttons with a pull out liner that will take a coupla roe or a sika hind easy, iv been using one for years you cant kill them and just use a heavy sheep or cattle feed bag as a liner
  14. maybe i shoud av said stupidest things matt ..lol.....and aye rake long time no see mate hope things are going well for you, its murder when that happens eh ..lol..
  15. whats the biggest mistake youv made when stalking, but ended up all well and good, on friday i decided tae take a run over to a wee bit iv got not far from me, so i loaded up the quad and dug and headed out, but before i got to the place i new there was a coupla bucks i thought id just check the zero, so this done i walked into the wood dug at heal and trying tae be quiet walking over them ferkin beach kernels was like walking over a plate of coco pops, anyway i seen the dog air scentin a bit and had a look through the binos and low and behold a young buck was browsin away in a wet patch about 50yds in front of me and all i could see was a bit of its arse, anyway i got on to a tree stump and waited on it showing more and after 5 or 6 minutes he walked out ...CLICK...forgot to load the feckin rifle, anyway i backed of to the quad and loaded up and walked back over and hes not to be seen i walked a bit further on still crunchin away and just caught his arse again browsing in a dip about 25 yds away in a wet bit again with fallen branches and lumps of bracken hidding him, or most of him, your lucky if he moved 3 or 4 yds in any direction out of that patch ffs ....just over an hour later i manged tae nail him