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  1. Let it snow!

    Love it when it snows. This pic was just before new year. It came and went in 24 hr so I'm hoping it'll stay a little longer this time.
  2. Pups

    Some cracking pups. Atb with them. Pup a round 4 months old I was gifted
  3. R.i.p Steve Ellis A Great Man

    Condolences to his family. RIP Steve
  4. Top class show and a really good night too. Me and the lads really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet good lads with a good sense of humour. Ha. Some cracking dogs about and the digging competition was good to watch. Nice to see the English lads win it. Ha. Like to thank kev for getting us better b&b than the one we'd booked on line. Look forward to next year. Atb
  5. Pelenna Valley

    yes, mate, I'll see you there,im sure it's your turn to get the beer in hahaim more than happy to buy a gentleman a pint or two. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. Atb
  6. Pelenna Valley

    One of best shows I've been to run by top class men. Gutted I can't make it. Hope the weather is good for you. I'll catch up with you Andy at the FMWT show if you're up for it. Atb
  7. Flights and hotel booked. Looking forward to traveling over to this one.
  8. Pickering Show

    i watched afew of terrier classes and the judge must of been a Black and Tan fan. Ha.
  9. Squirrel Trap Placing

    Try changing your baits pal. I get results with peanut butter and pieces of snicker bar. When a job like yours comes along with no access into roof voids I tend to strip back the first course of roof tiles to place traps in the eaves with the owners permission ? It does help with me working on the roofs before pest control. Or a kania with the tunnel close to the entry point. Or just shoot the little fuckers. Ha. Best of luck
  10. Squirrel(S) In The Loft.

    Kanias or magnum 110 and fens will soon sort the problem. Get the little fuckers sorted out as soon as possible
  11. Waxwings

  12. Waxwings

    These little guys came and landed at side of me whilst at work today. Not the best of pics but it's the first time I've seen them
  13. High And Low Points Of The Season

    haha. Day started well and then it's just that one when you say we'll just try this one to finish on that goes tits up. Your phone was ringing like a prostitute on heat when you should of been home. Ha. I can remember taking that pic that night on old railway of you 3 and 4 figures were in pic but it was too dark to see. Who ever it were was a idle twat for not helping us. Ha