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  1. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    Don’t know if you after a greyhound cross but I don’t see a grey in the pic, maybe something lost in translation 😀 looks like a contented bunch, for heavy work , bring a skin of some sort and whatever pup hangs on the longest, grab it and pay the man and best of luck ✌️
  2. Brilliant vet

    I think what is been asked is , if you have had success with homeopathy why wasn’t it your go to option, might be better off sprinkling holy water on the veteran
  3. They won’t all retrieve that’s is a fact , no doubt , why they won’t is very much open to speculation and worth investing in Every dog is an open book but not everyone can read between the lines, ✌️
  4. Don’t give up on this pup bud , he’s only learning his trade, if you start believing the pup won’t, he defiantly won’t People just passing opinions then calling them facts 😀 one dog can react differently to a situation than another, that’s nothing got to do with chemistry , it’s temperament, everydog will have elements we like and dislike , focus on the positive, in reality when we invest our time into a dog we end up lookin for traits we like in ourselves build trust, the relationship is the key, don’t confront or discipline in your space , hand feed , you don’t need to take the pup everywhere, just give it quality time when you do get the chance, don’t over stimulate in the house, If your pup is retrieving already there is something there to work on, the last pup worked here buried a heap of bunnies before he came right Relax and enjoy the pup on your tod , and believe
  5. army dogs put down

    Seen worse, e collar trained if not done correctly can leave a dog very reactive and confused not knowing what it can and can’t do, fucks it’s mind over the dog looks fresh so he ‘ll display plenty of energy, empty his tank and see what he’s got to offer, 2 hard bitten dogs who display aggressive issues towards each other can be treated in much the same way, tie them up within a few metres of each other and let them offload as much aggression as they can, after 4/5 hours I seen dogs drink water out of the same pot , its never personal , it’s energy
  6. I always worked off the premise, that if the dog is comfortable with highly prized objects in my space than recall isn’t my main objective for the retrieve,
  7. army dogs put down

    The difference is one is attack trained and most of the dogs with wankers are loud and aggressive through lack of work the attack dog has mapped humanoid under its prey making activities , in other words grabbing and shaking a human becomes how it offloads energy when stimulation reaches boiling point , look up Jessie smith, professional dog trainer level headed guy who was working with Alpha dogs Indiana when I met him first, he lost his step son to a trained dog I can’t see how the risk is worth it,
  8. army dogs put down

    I don’t know how you do a 100% test on these dogs , they usually test with food to warrant a reaction but the same as any dog in a static mindset you may not get much response you will never know where you stand with a dog until energy levels are at boiling point which is about the only time you need real control dogs need a trigger to vent energy when excited , what that trigger might be is anyone’s guess
  9. dog lovers or not

    Dog lovers or not some of these dogs are bred to kill, I know there’re lookin for serious dog owners but serious owners generally already have serious dogs in their kennel , it’s a lot to take on and bringing them into the house isn’t an option, those kick and hit dogs are not always human social without an e collar , the risk around kids is f***ing mind blowing, kick and hit refers to the action which takesbplace when a door is kicked in, the dog is left chewing on the first human he encounters inside, they soon learn to find the sweet spots on the human body, they’re not lassie
  10. Troy Catches And Dispatches

    I can understand why it might seem so , but even the fact that dogs can meet and greet at all shows how social they are put it this way what other male predators can be introduced and meet and greet without blood shed Dog/ owner , dog/dog it makes no difference a dog will curtail itself to fit into whatever situation there are examples of dog aggression but the vast majority of off lead encounters are generally sorted out with by sniffing and pissing pet dogs are a different story 😃
  11. Pumpkins 🎃

    Do they celebrate Halloween over there then, ?there wasn’t a word about it when I lived in the uk years ago , it was always a turnip, the yanks introduced the pumpkin
  12. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Well worked single handed dogs who know their job,
  13. We Walk On Them Hills

    That red dog is a fine looking animal,
  14. Hang a bit item where she can get it on the lead , let her carry it around in her mouth , A bite/ tug item can become a grounding to the biting action shes showing , eventually shell just ignore it
  15. Re-Call Help To Saluki Owners

    I can understand you saying stupid sod but the physical memory bank in the dog has unfinished business with the cat on the wall, so makes it the most intense object in that environment, it re lives the moment in present time , even without a moggie in sight , So the first time a pup encounters anything , its writing a emotional script of how it should act in the future according to how it went in the past Same as if a pup gets a pasteing out from another dog while out SOCIALISING it might not show for a while but that encounter is logged and filled for another intense moment and then depending on its temperment it will either avoid or explode , it's just reencountering the trauma of the first time ,