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  1. Pup training

    Nice control from that pup , you must be happy with him at that age , looks a nice one
  2. What answer did I give you Who the f**k are ya , ?? When my wife died in 2004 I gave up proper hunting I just f****d about with rabbits , I had a saluki type at the time of her death I couldn’t get right , I gave it away , I had 2 kids under the age of 8 and a lot of time on my hands , so I made a vow to find out why I couldn’t manage the saluki cross so for years I studied dogs on my own their movements , there body language and why they do things to the point where I work with problem dogs of all types , dogs are a simple animal when you know what their end game is my last running dog died a few months ago I’m not getting arother Not now just don’t have the time, rabbit hunting is fine but it never gave me the excitement of bigger quarry or digging ask ANDS on here who I am He produced Fox hunting by day videos I hunted with him for years in Mayo over here , many years ago ya noisy bollox ya
  3. Why do you need to know that
  4. Me jack Russel retrieves better that , fella
  5. Not talking about sitting in your company , it’s more an issue of a dog not registering a behavior when You approach
  6. It’s a confidence issue no doubt , tail waging is an appeasement behaviour, the only way you’ll fix it is for the pup to be comfortable in your space
  7. Humping

    Has he done much work ?? the fact that he’s more interested in humping than working would cause me concern ,
  8. Mate , if you know what a dogs end game is you can work back from that, dog training is basically a connection based on flow , if the dog can Feel movement /potential movement in its association with us , it won’t load over load but where people will get caught out is, you can’t use use the energy building theory /stress that builds and builds until it explodes into aggressive behaviour, because it is in direct conflict with the dog as cognitive being, a thinking machine on 4 legs basically the dogs is either thinking or it’s not , it can’t be both instinctive behaviour, is just that , by its very wording it can’t be a thought, it’s pre thought and that’s what a dog is Is mating an instinctive behaviour You see when we start talking about magnetism we are into areas of physics, not biology , so for something the chew on , can a dog understand the implications of a mating with a bitch, it’s a yes or no , it either knows it will produce pups or it hasn’t got a f***ing clue what’s going on and is just going by how the situation feels ,, the next time you see an article put up on canine behaviour, and see words like “to a certain extent” you know they’re chancing their arm, dogs cannot rationalise fear, whether it’s a bitch inflicting it or another dog, it’s all processed the same way by a pup through a predator prey mindset , it’s not about teaching a lesson or respect all that shit involves thought , so words like resentment, repression, frustrations involve thought, pretty high and mighty for an animal that has to investigate it’s own shite because a force just acted on its body , day after day !! it can’t rationalise it’s own digestive system how can it possibly comprehend its own reproductive system ? Mate that not thrown at you in particular ✌️
  9. I must be right, they seem to agree with me in this weeks CMW anyway 😄😄😄😄 you heard it here first but people are suddenly talking about socialising pups and stress building etc cant put anything up , 👀
  10. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    Nice work Pups doing great I would expend the retrieve to retrieve and carry , walking along side you Don’t be in a panic to get to perfect hand over at that stage what I mean on the retrieve , you want the pup to feel there is movement in the retrieve So when it turns towards you , you are already moving away , your putting down a physical memory of movement without forcing it to come into your space I would rather a pup dropped the item walking along side that having it taken as soon as it comes into my space if you get my drift , a pup will gravitate to a moving human rather than a static one Best of luck with pup
  11. Saluki psychology

    I would also consider how you exercise or can exercise the dog , if a saluki is not moving well he’s not enjoying the ride, how he feels good is down to how much energy is moving , he wants to fill his lungs and move as well as he possibly can that’s feel good for him , be part of that and your on the right track
  12. Saluki psychology

    The real difference between the earlier and latter breeds is evolution, incorporating another species /tool into your flow pattern is an element of evolution, so we then have an animal that foregoes the kill for the betterment of the whole group , some where along the line the inter species relationship evolved to a higher level
  13. Saluki psychology

    Sorry I’m on speed 😃
  14. Saluki psychology

    It all comes back to the emotional capacity of the mutt, collies and herding breeds , have an enormous capacity to take in stimulation and use it , whereas other breeds fold, into instinctive behavior, look at it this way some people can get up in front of millions and have a ball. They can be exactly to same in any situation , I believe it is a gift, like him or hate the little weasel , mcgregor is an example of someone with a emotionally capacity far and beyond many living today, the ability to channel stimulation and work with it, been comfortable in the uncomfortable leaves him free to operate take a saluki out herding up cattle, you’ll get a chase and a strike and a kick and it’s cattle days will be over even if it lives, because instinctively it knows there was a negetive return on that stimulation, saluki is load /overload , sheepdog takes stimulation of cattle and farmer and feels it and works with it It doesn’t off load the stimulation into instinctive behavior , it can focus It can be comfortable in the uncomfortable the capacity to work with the stimulation of what could be a couple of hundred animals and still want to control the situation is mind boggling for an animal no heavier than a sack of spuds when wet