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  1. Is this rabbit activity?

    Thanks for all the replies and Info lads, greatly appreciated, John
  2. Hi all Earlier today I went for a wander around one of the fields that Is part of my new shooting permission. This permission Is only for use with my HW100 air rifle due to livestock reasons. As for the recon, I didn't really see much around except for some digging/scraping activity In one of the edges of the field. My first obvious thought was rabbit, but then I realised that I couldn't see any rabbit droppings around the area of the recently dug earth. So I was just wondering If you guys could give me your thoughts on whether you think that this Is rabbit activity or maybe something else. There was the odd area around the field that showed rabbit droppings but as already mentioned, not near the recently dug earth. Here are the photo's that I took earlier of the above mentioned activity, John
  3. Thanks for the replies lads
  4. Thanks for the replies and Info lads, John
  5. Hi all I have 2 scopes at home and I am trying to decide which one will be the best to fit on to my .177 HW100s. The rifle Is only ever used for pest control, mainly rabbits down at the stables and farm. Both scopes are of similar spec with one having a 30mm tube (RWS) I have heard good things about both of these budget scopes and was just wondering If you guys could share your thoughts, John Hawk eclipse : http://www.theairguncentre.com/sport-hd-ir-ao-2-7x32-314 RWS (also branded walther) https://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/RWS_4_12x50_Ci_Illuminated_MilDot_reticle_R12_Airgun_Scope/1865
  6. Hi all I was just wondering what size mounts I will need to fit a scope on to my HW100. The scope that I am going to fit to my HW100 has a 50mm objective lens and a 30mm tube. The mounts that I am looking to buy will probably be BKL or Sportsmatch. I have a feeling that I will need high mounts but I thought It best to check with you guys first, John
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  8. Airgun Centre Essex

    Hi Countryboy I've bought a couple of rifles off them over the years and never had a problem. The last rifle was about 3 years ago and was a brand new HW100s combo and a 3 litre divers bottle. Each time I've been too the shop I have dealt with the boss man. By memory, I think his name is Pete. He has always come across as friendly and knowledgeable and has never rushed me into making a purchase. If you get to the shop near opening time, you are usually asked if you want a cup of tea or coffee. Well I was anyway. The shop isn't that big, but they do seem to stock a fair bit of stuff. Last year after about 2 years, my gun bag that came with my HW100 split at the seams. So I phoned up the Airgun Centre and was told to send the bag back to them with a copy of the receipt. About a week later a brand new bag arrived as promised. I'm sure that there are people out there who have had problems with them but I can only speak for myself, and to date, it is all good. All I would say is, if you ever drive up there go early, because they do get quite busy at times, John
  9. Hi all I've just realised that my 3 litre divers bottle that I use for topping up my HW100 is out of test. As I have recently moved to Mundesley, Norwich from Hertfordshire, I was just wondering if any of you guys could recommend a decent divers shop that will retest my bottle for me, and also do the occasional refill as well, Regards, John
  10. Thanks for the replies and advice lads John Too true. Don't really want to fork out for an alarm system anyway, but was told by the firearms department that because the garage is classed as an out building (although attached to my bungalow) I would need need an alarm thats connected to the house The problem I've got is, we have only recently moved in, and all the walls don't feel solid enough. When you tap them they feel hollow, like there's chipboard behind, and who knows what size gap before the actual outer wall. And definitely don't feel strong enough to hold a metal cabinet. The only other option will be to stick the cabinet in the loft, not ideal either. I won't be lifting it up there anyway, not with my back
  11. Hi all After recently trying to decide where to place my gun cabinet after moving to Norfolk, I am now thinking of putting it in my garage. Not the best place I know, but due to Circumstances, I think that it will be the best option. I have been in touch with the police, and they said that the garage option is fine, although I will need to get an alarm fitted that is also connected up to my bungalow. My question is, will I need any specific type of alarm for this purpose, or will anything do? Any suggestions of suitable alarms or info regarding this query will be greatly appreciated, John
  12. Thanks for the replies and advice lads
  13. Hi all I have recently moved house, and have also just realised that my shotgun and FAC certs are up for renewal. I was therefore just wondering about the referees. Do I have to get 2 referees for my FAC form and only one for my shotgun? and if I do, can I use one of the 2 referees from my FAC to use also on my shotgun application. I have also heard that if I have both my shotgun and FAC renewed at the same time, I will then only need to have 2 referees for both guns, and will only need to fill in one form for both weapons, Is this the case? Regards, John