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  1. No not rushing because of weather what i saw was the judges kept pulling the back end of the dogs out and quite rough doing it and plonking them down then it was sort of doing one back leg and slightly pulling that then the other leg - and I saw a lot of the dogs were arching up because of this handling . Also saw him pick every foot up and splay the toes , then grap the front leg and flex the wrist right back . This type of handling in my opinion can rely upset a young dog and pups which will stay with them for a long time and make them weary of any future showing especially whippets which are a sensitive breed anyway.
  2. Also the prices to get in £15 adult £10 pensioner £5 child or £35 family ticket- I know the weather was bad yesterday but that didnt reflect on the amount of stalls there which seem to get less every year The show yesterday was the worst I have seen it . Maybe the rent for the Pembrey location for the 2 days is very high so hence why they need to charge so much and it could be they are charging too higher rent for the stalls which is driving them away .. I think they need to look for a different venue and a cheaper one , although because it was apoor crowd there yeterday there were no tail backs to get out of there like the previous years where your stuck in a queue for over an hour and are sent all around the park just to get through a gate and the holdup and queue is all down to the stop go men on the bridge . This is another reason why think a new venue should be sort before this Game fair dies a death . We have been going to it for around 27yrs .28 yrs and loved Gelli Aur , Carmarthen was shite as a venue but easier to get out. They really need to sit down and have a think in whats best to keep this show going and they have a facebook page but dont like any constructive critisism, and dont take onboard any ones comments of advice to improve the show .
  3. Did anyone go to the Welsh Game fair yesterday ? Terrible weather and I didnt take dogs. I thought the judging was a bit heavy handed tbh and glad i didnt take any dogs .
  4. I Posted in wrong section tried to delete but cant find the delete option
  5. Minced Chicken Carcass Supplier In South Wales

    Thanks very much TC . That makes it a lot easier
  6. Do Any Of You Watch Sky Dogs

    This is my son`s Bitch he owns with trainer Kevin Hutton shes off in season at the moment http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=swansalona+diva&sex=&color=&birthyear=&birthland= He also has Borna Gene .http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?l=2093313
  7. Do Any Of You Watch Sky Dogs

    Any of you on here watch sky greyhounds or RPGTV and follow any of the dogs
  8. Minced Chicken Carcass Supplier In South Wales

    I have been trying to get the address to pop down and get some meat but cant seem to find it anywhere and when you ask on the facebook page no one seems to answer . I have been buying the sleeves of minced beef from Byrons Butchers in Lllansamlet Swansea, but he has just put the price up to £1.99 a sleeve and 3 sleeves a fiver Iits a big hike up when it was 2 for £3 . How much is it if you buy straight from him and does anyone have an adsress or post code to the shop please
  9. Welsh Game Fair

    Thanks Raynardman , But I don't think that's the stall I had my lead from , The one I had was £7 and I cant see any for that price on there , But thank you all the same .
  10. Welsh Game Fair

    Anyone know if the collar and leads stands that were there have a websites ? I bought a lovely leather lead and would like to get another .
  11. Welsh Game Fair

    I think when its not cheap to get in and you have to sit in the car for over an hour going bumper to bumper just to get out .Then we are all entitled to complain because only by bringing it to the attention of people and hopefully the organisers will pick up on it it will help to improve things for further shows over the years , because no one wants to see this show go down hill .
  12. Welsh Game Fair

    No sorry I didn't think of videoing it , should have though
  13. Welsh Game Fair

    Very disappointing . We have been going to the Game Fair for over 20 + yrs , We went to the new venue Pembrey last year and although we enjoyed the day the traffic jam to get out was ridiculous!! so after adding to the comments on their facebook page about our experiences and then again this years FB page we were told that last years way out had been reviewed and changed so on that remark we decide to go . We sat by the ring and watched the judging in ring 3 which I was shocked to see that the judge hardly looked at the dogs , There was no paving slabs for the dogs to stand on for the judge to go over , and the actually method of moving the dog to watch its movement was pathetic , he only had them walking towards him from the side of the ring went over them and then sent them half way to the other corner away from him and he didn't even watch them to the end he looked like he couldn't be bothered . He should have at least stood to one side and watched them do a triangle or from corner to corner .it was the worse style and method of judging I have seen . We decided to leave at 3.30 because the stalls are not as plentiful as they used to be and it wasn't long before you had done them all , It was a fair walk back to our car and then we had to join the queue to get out , and it was exactly the same as last year we had to snake out way right back down to where the train is and then bumper to bumper to the main gates which we reached at 5 minutes to 5pm so from the time we left the show it was over and hour stuck in the car to get out , When we got to the hump back bridge we could see this is where the problem lies due to the stop/.go guy controlling the traffic this is what is the major cause of the problems to get out onto the main road I cant see a way around this situation tbh as the stop go is there for safety reasons as the bridge is too narrow and blind for 2 way traffic . which brings you to the question is this the right place to hold this show when it cant really cope with the numbers of people and cars attending ?
  14. help needed

    Skewen be closed 15yrs