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  1. Need Good Stud For My Whippet X Bull Bitch

    hello i have a lovley dog to sire the pups from your bitch. He is a bedlington/whippet/greyhound,he is very game and very perlific rabbiting dog. He was bread by Rolry Butler from whales very well known lurcher breeder. he is a rough coated champagne colour with a slight brindle running underneath. his farther has won countrymans champion of champions + kelmarsh show. if you would like some photos then I could text or email if you send your email. I'm in the surrey area but can travel. Thanks Dean P.
  2. Butler Dog For Stud

    HI, i own a butler dog which was sired by Major. im looking for a butler bitch to breed with my dog or straight whippet/greyhound as Roley advised this breeding himself,if you are interested please comment I'm in the surrey area. this dog takes all legal quarry and has been shown once and one best in show at the Hampshire hunt.
  3. lurcher fitness

    my lurcher seems to peak then falls off and if i then rest him he comes back much more keen ,any one have this same problem?moe
  4. peaks and lows

    Do you find that your lucher peaks? then he/she falls off the pace?
  5. Working Russell's breeders in GB

    I think that a russel x lakekand is a fine combination! as far as a pure bred russel i dont think you will find one all terrriers started with a bit of everything in it!! so good luck