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  1. Arthur Carter Problems?

    I had feared that they might have closed down. Sorry to hear this
  2. Arthur Carter Problems?

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to order from arthur carter since friday. Online it will not give me a payment option and tells me to call the store. Every time I try to call, my call just fails. Also emailed them with no reply. Are they having technical issues or anything? Always ordered from them with no problem at all. ATB Mike
  3. Lure Racing Coloured Fabric Collar

    thankyou I was swaying towards just getting my dad to make some. He is handy with a sewing machine. And I am sure I will save some money getting them handmade. ATB
  4. Hi everyone. I am starting up a new lure coursing club and I'm trying to purchase the elasticated fabric collars that some of the lure coursing clubs use. I can not seem to find anywhere that sells them. I can find racing jackets, but ideally I just want white/red/blue elasticated collars. Does any one know a supplier of these or a website? TIA Mike
  5. Dry Food?

    My ferrets do well on alpha during the summer months. Not a fan of chudleys and from personal experience and from other ferreting friends experience it gives them horrible orange poo. Countryside sell some called Vitalin(I think). Comes in an orange bag. Ferrets did ok on that too. Cant say i've used Pets at home. I have another friend who swears by Doctor Johns ferret food. ATB Mike
  6. Hi guys. I am looking at buying one of these. Any of you already got one and how would you rate them? Youtube video of it being used, ATB Mike
  7. battery tester

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7dayshop-AA-AAA-C-D-9V-Battery-Tester-Buy-One-Get-One-Free-2-Pack-/280928340113?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Test_Measurement_Equipment_ET&hash=item4168a24891#ht_902wt_1271 I use one of these. Nice and small and never had a problem with it. Mike
  8. fox net making

    Why not add two meshes on each row? Can get up to the required width quicker that way? Just an idea. Add the new mesh at either end of the row so it stays equal. ATB Mike
  9. My new pup

    attached is a picture of my new terrier pup. 1/4 border, 1/4 lakeland and 1/2 jrt. Both parents are good ferreting/bushing dogs. Named him Billy. Only about 5 weeks old in that picture. He is now 9 weeks old. Settled in nicely with my lurcher. ATB Mike
  10. ghost in a rocking chair

    I knew that was coming. I turned the sound off ready. lol Mike
  11. Which needle is the best

    Yes the bigger one will go through the ring, just don't over load the needle on ya first run. Get enough on there to start on the ring and for your first row, then re-spoll and carry on with a fully loaded needle. I quite like the norweigan style needles that agouti sell. Mike
  12. Ratting in Gloucestershire/worcestershire

    Drop me a PM. I'm in Gloucestershire Mike
  13. car insurance questions

    Just trying to get new car insurance quote. Isn't it funny how they ask the value of my car? How do I know this? I am not a professional car evaluator. Just seems a very funny question to me. Oh and its cheaper for me to get comprehensive cover than third party fire and theft. Rant over Mike
  14. Vasectomised ferret question

    FAO Westy 76. How do you test to see if the vasec hob is firing blanks or not? Not having a dog, just curious as I also thought there was no guarantee with vasec hobs. Mike