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  1. Exquisite lurchers

    https://gercekasksiberians.com/our-lurchers/ Aye.....£450......sound like winners alright.....hahaha
  2. Meat birds sorted(Warning Dead Chicken Pic)

    How long do you need to grow them before they are ready?
  3. caucasian shepherd bitch

    From the desciptions of behaviour above, how likely would it be for a dog with these traits to transfer its affections/loyalties to a new family or living situation?
  4. Few pics from this morning

    Looks fresh ok......
  5. Dog aggression

    Have you had this dog from a pup? Have you any previous experience with dogs? Probably best to contact an experienced trainer for 1-2-1 advice Jim Greenwood was mentioned. Physically beating a stressed dog is not the answer. Good luck.
  6. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    Modern wolfhounds are a man made recreation for the show ring.....bred for looks...too big to be sound or healthy for any length of time. Now those pups in Canada....look a much better proposition........
  7. What job did you have in mind for the labradoodle?
  8. For those of you using tennis balls and small balls of similar size......consider the damage young speedy dogs can do to their necks and joints when chasing and striking such a small target at the speed lurcher pups can reach. Google HOLEE BALLS - you can get them in all sizes - I use the biggest I can find - near 10-12 inches across - makes a much softer and safer target for young necks and joints while training/exercising young pups.
  9. Looking For A Small Lurcher/breeder

    Am I reading that right............your vet couldn't believe how fit your nearly 4 month old pup was?
  10. tug training

    Some good ideas there.....initiating and ending the tugging behaviour is all part of 'the game' and has to be trained and rewarded. Regarding your last sentence - I had to stop swinging my 15 year old Jack Russell on the tug at shoulder height when I realised most of his teeth were loose.....
  11. Doctor Who..........?

    Dr Who......Nerdsville........
  12. Staying With Your Lass

    Life is short....yes.... but walking away from an ex should not mean walking away from responsibility to your children - emotionally, financially or time wise.....
  13. hancock lurchers

    Have many on here actually visited the property or have any regard to the quality or welfare of the brood stock there?
  14. Rio

    I didn't see the programme on tv but of it read it in the paper. It reminded me of my own family situation. My father was widowed at 31 years of age with 2 kids aged 11 and 9. For sure, we had absolutely no money but we did have have community. The equally skint neighbours looked out for us kids while our father worked all hours. I'm near 50 now and my father is elderly. He still looks out for me, I now look out for him, the neighbours, the neighbours kids and their grandkids. Of course grief is grief and money may make things easier...but good friends/neighbours sometimes mean more.
  15. Oul War Medals..worth Anything.

    So you were hoking through the belongings of the dead.......sounds a bit 'grave robberish' to me...each to their own.......