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  1. 100 meter exclusion zone

    Do they what!!!! I passed by chance the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast......there were protesters there singing gospel songs, wringing their hands on rosary beads and bibles whilst pushing leaflets showing aborted foetuses into the hands of passers by and no doubt into the hands of women going into that clinic for whatever reason......
  2. 100 meter exclusion zone

    Dreadful....F***ING SPASTICS! .......what an totally disgusting thing to call anyone for disagreeing with your viewpoint. Kay......by sharing your heart rending experience so openly, I hope you have given these chest beating neanderthals something to think about.
  3. Oswald the Lurcher

    Lovely write up.
  4. 100 meter exclusion zone

    It's a womens health issue. Women should be entitled to access safe health care without being harassed on the way into clinics.
  5. Is this legit ?

    Saw one of these in the car park of an English Asda about 20 years ago.....asked what it was and was shocked!
  6. American Bulldog mauls owner

    Becoming an "animal behaviourist" can be done online, as can 'canine nutritionalist' and many other titles with letters after their names......and as an industry, is somewhat unregulated. http://www.britishcollegeofcaninestudies.com

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5595547/Vet-guilty-helping-six-gang-members-sell-4-500-illegally-bred-puppies.html Is this the guy known for treating greys and lurchers?
  8. Poor misunderstood dog.Just needs to bond.

  9. Burglary. Charged for murder

  10. Fukc sake Telford now

    Sadly, I think that this could be right. Far from meaning to come across as 'victim blaming', how come all these young girls are free to run the streets getting into these situations so readily? Where are their parents and what are they doing to promote their childrens wellbeing?
  11. Fukc sake Telford now

    What is wrong with British society that these girls are so readily available to be ''groomed' by the likes of these men?
  12. 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    I enquired and went to visit 5 years ago when I was across the water.......and decided it wasn't for me........
  13. Fukc sake Telford now

    I find it sad that so many of these young girls are so available to be groomed by these low lifes.
  14. Parenting

    Listening to that, they only live 1 mile from the school???? Walking there and back evey day would do all kids a favour physically and mentally.
  15. Wild birds and the cold.

    While I dish up food for the dogs I put an extra saucer out for the birds as well.......they go mad for it.