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  1. Bushing Lurchers

    Lots! Slightly more Beardie than Greyhound
  2. Bushing Lurchers

    Too old for much more that pottering around these days, but a decent bushing dog in her day
  3. Name That Tune...

    Smoke on the Water
  4. Anyone Seen This

    Disgusting human being
  5. Dress Sense/fashion When You Was 15.

    Pods from Coxon's? Lol
  6. Dress Sense/fashion When You Was 15.

    Nice! They cost a bloody fortune to bring out. Worth it though....cos my Lambretta won't start lol
  7. Dress Sense/fashion When You Was 15.

    I was pretty much the same as you Patterdale. Army lighweights, bennies, sta-prest, brogues. I am still the same though! Picked up my scooter yesterday after having it shipped out to Australia. I bought that thing on my 17th birthday from Kegra Racing....long time ago!!
  8. Lost Dog Medway Kent

    Viking Oak kennels Hope you get the dog back.
  9. Capability Of A 1/4 Beddy 3/4 Whippet

    Great to see dogs being given exposure to all sorts of hunting.
  10. Boar Hunting

    I have loved reading this thread. Good work lads. I would have loved to have been there
  11. Simoman

    Sounds good WILF. I won't leave it so long next time. I have reignited my pork pie, black pudding and pickled egg addiction. Might be visiting you over the water by then old chap.
  12. Simoman

    I last came over in 2011 when my dad died. Haven't noticed too many changes to be honest but then Durham is pretty sleepy. You can't get a pint of Exhibition in the Fox in Shildon anymore lol. I am keen on going back as I want to see how my roses are doing, but it is always hard leaving the family. I have had some great times catching up with family and mates. I did want to see more but didn't have time. It's been exhausting to be honest lol need another holiday lol
  13. Simoman

    He was on his best behaviour lol Just packing the bags to go back now Mal. Would have liked to have had more time to get out with Simon and his mutts.
  14. Simoman

    Yeah Tomo. 3 weeks between Durham, London and Paris. Nice to see Simon in rude health.
  15. Simoman

    Spag Bol Waz......bloody lovely it was too