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  1. Speakers corner live

  2. Speakers corner live

    Are you allowed to take banners? Who fancies joining me next week under a 'THL for freedom' flag?
  3. View From Your Swim

    Have you ever fished the stretch above that bridge, the day ticket stretch?
  4. View From Your Swim

    Is that the stretch below the bridge at Ribchester, in front of the old pub?
  5. The Russians

  6. Got a Driving course

    To much scrap on the back
  7. What would she do ?

    As long as they are facing you I think you would get away with shooting or stabbing them.......its when you chase em and shoot em in the garden you get in trouble
  8. I put 3 in each, the buckets are bigger than they look. Iv only put them in the greenhouse for the weekend cos of the promised snow.
  9. An anti hunting wildlife officer and a currupt 'expert' witness.
  10. And Portman hunt acquitted day before
  11. Two buckets of first earlies. Some dahlias. Peas, sweet peas and pumpkins. A couple of giant sunflowers for the boys.
  12. can i shoot a rifle

    No matter what the law says ultimately it will come down to your firearms officer and what he grants you. He may say you can only use it in the company of another named certificate holder for a set amount of time.
  13. What do you think this is ?

    Don't give a fck me.....im a stonemason, I can get away with anything. 😀
  14. What do you think this is ?

    Your not in breach of the hunting act if you don't have intent