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  1. Badger Cull

    I caught the tail end......they wouldn't admit culling was working would they!?!? Ianesra..... We once pm'd on here about mink hunting, on my previous profile (lost log on details). I got sorted with plenty of hunting, let me know if you are ever over 👍
  2. Let's get rid of the camel jockeys before we address the yids.
  3. Shark Fishing

    Contact Kevin mckie of size matters. He's in Plymouth in summer and Liverpool in winter, he will be more or less booked up now for summer sharking but him will try his best to fit you in.......top skipper
  4. Merry Christmas from Greggs.

    Apparently there are more branches of Greg's than Mcdonalds.
  5. They don't seem to understand why people are slagging them off.... 😂
  6. A lesson from Poland

    Remember the recent news that fruit and veg was rotting in the fields and all the nurses were leaving because 'the poor loves felt unwanted since brexit'.... Well new figures suggest actually there are record numbers of EU nationals here 2.4million!!!!
  7. Pmsl. I actually know the bloke. He's a decent lad, works as a bouncer aswell. I knew he was a bit of a lefty but this shocked me.
  8. Lest we forget

  9. NHS Turns To India For Nurses

    The government has said more than it should to make EU nationals feel secure during negotiations. The fact that more EU nationals live here than British nationals live in any EU country in particular or the EU as a whole shows how fcked up our system has been for a long time....we can't blame the tories on their own.
  10. It was France and they have a different mind set....luckly they don't have the media sensation around hunting that we do..... though I see this might be changing. Hounds took a stag in a supermarket car park a few years back and the press was positive in local media.... including a picture of a smiling store manager!
  11. NHS Turns To India For Nurses

    I'm not doubting that they arnt coming in the same numbers....I just don't think it's because they feel we don't want em....nor do I think it's fair to blame brexit! We don't want the millions of mussies nor africans....I wish 'not feeling wanted' did put the fckers off!! The lib/lab/con coalition over the last 50 years has shut teaching hospitals, removed practical ways into nursing and of course the introduction by labour of tuition fees has made us dependant on foreign medical staff....our traitors in parliament then see this as justification for their inability to secure our borders. Short of Revolution and cutting heads off I don't know what we can do as voting for the same old won't change a thing and other parties can't make a break through. I do know that brexit is one step closer to changing things though, even if the traitors try to sabotage it.
  12. NHS Turns To India For Nurses

    Bollocks. They will come if we advertise for them and if they need the money.
  13. NHS Turns To India For Nurses

    How will brexit stop EU nurses? We aren't banning EU nationals....just hopefully not allowing millions in hoping the ones we want are among them.
  14. Dirt fishing find

    All my good finds were with the 250. Iv been on many rallies, some with hundred or so people with top detectors and the 250's always hold there own
  15. Dirt fishing find

    I think so yes. Might try divining! I can keep the detector and it might get used in the future but if someone really wants it they can.....£350 and get a free spade.