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  1. DIDO.1

    Rotting meat !!!

    Blown up whales not Wales
  2. DIDO.1

    Rotting meat !!!

    I was a knacker man for quite a while, I still do a bit of knackering if hunts need a lift and a bit of Christmas cover at knackeryards. If you keep breathing in a bad smell or get a really bad face full of gas when you cut a belly open then you fart the same smell at night! It passes through you some how lol Iv picked up forest ponies after foot and mouth that were so rotten I had to shovel em on board! Blown up Wales. Had incinerator breakdowns when the pile of waste was so bad the bottom of the pile was just skulls and maggots. Get a grip you girl
  3. DIDO.1

    Battle in the country : the hunt saboteurs

    Can you tell me how the CA is selling you out? Actual facts not rhetoric
  4. DIDO.1

    Tips on breaking hounds off Deer

    Forget any silly methods using electric or lamps. There is only one way. A whipper in and exercise among deer regularly. Don't fck it up using old wives tales or they will be spoiled forever.
  5. DIDO.1


    Iv seen a doctor sitting on a relatively young man's chest trying to get his heart restarted, and seen his kids after loosing their dad. There is a balence....its no use not enjoying life but equally I want to be here to see my kids grow up. Learn to enjoy eating sensibly
  6. DIDO.1


    That sounds like me! I even tried roids. Muscle dosnt mean your healthy though....just like being skinny doesn't mean your heart/lungs aren't fcked either. Once you get in your thirties you need to start looking after yourself not aiming for a body shape your never going to get.
  7. DIDO.1


    Walking is a lot more effective at shedding weight and getting fit than you would think. Good long walks, get a decent ruck sack and boots and do some really good walks. Long term it's better for your body than running etc. In your thirties you need to watch what your eating because that's when it starts to catch you up. Just keep making small sustainable changes, big efforts will only ever be short term. Reduce or cut sugar in you food/brews....reduce bread intake....dont drink beer for the sake of it, go for quality over quantity. Eat a good breakfast like porridge etc. Small changes long term
  8. DIDO.1

    Funny Joke Thread

    A teacher walks into the class and says who can tell me where Pakistan is? Little boy on the front row says 'he's in the playground with paki dave'
  9. DIDO.1

    Summer hunting

    What do you think of this? Found in a field in North Yorkshire
  10. DIDO.1

    Summer hunting

    Yes some of them are.
  11. DIDO.1

    4" Roller. Decorators/Anyone help please?

    Pay a decorator you tight jew.
  12. DIDO.1

    Gay Cake Hits The Supreme Court

    The cake wasn't for a gay wedding so they can't say it hurt their feelings. It was a slogan supporting gay weddings in general. They searched out a shop with Christian values and tried to get this reaction. If they walked into a shop as a couple and were embarrassed in front of other people I could have a tiny bit of sympathy, they didn't, they went looking for a place that would react in this way to get a reaction. They would never of tried it in a Muslim cake shop would they.
  13. DIDO.1

    View From Your Swim

    Was you targeting bream?
  14. DIDO.1


    Xhamster for me, you definitely get a better class of milf on there!