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  1. Exquisite lurchers

    I have no real issue with it. At least they are hopefully going to be happy healthy and fit dogs. If they want to pay silly money more fool them..... If I was still a keeper or hunt servant I'd be knocking a few out to top my wages up. It's better than selling bulldogs that can't breathe.
  2. Monmouth...

    My mate walked into his mum and dad's room at 3 in the morning and pissed on his mum
  3. Cant believe what some folk skip

    I know it isn't exactly thrown away but if just got a full sheep netting fence, all the wire with brand new fence posts attached.......i found in on the bank of a tidal river.....some farmer twenty miles upstream must of just put it in when the whole field got washed away, non of the posts are even snapped 😀👍
  4. Very early spring

    I drove through Dorset this morning and the road side in Yeovil was full of open daffodils......if I could of pulled up I was going to take a pic, couldn't believe it
  5. Non payment

    I send the Mrs round! She does sit in protests at business premises lol
  6. Desert bred

    Fckin sat laughing my head off waiting in the barbers 😂😂
  7. Desert bred

    Is he still on here?...... If so tell him the single Muslim adverts are back
  8. I'm thinking of going with staghounds but can have a day with southdown
  9. Yes you can. I'm in the north west though but your welcome to it. Sort me a days sport in your area and I'll bring it down this weekend......iv got a free pass 😀
  10. I see some hellish places. Did a job for a disabled bloke today, his carer said he had the money to pay. Once I'd done the paperwork he couldn't find his money....by now the carer had been swopped for a hooker who visits him twice a week.......i had to take the whore to the cash machine with the blokes bank card. I can normally screen the bad jobs out at phone call stage. I would never do bed bugs unless it's a clean house and a sane normal customer
  11. I just can't find a second hand one.....tried all the usual places but keep missing em. I have loads of spare glass as well! I'm aware I'm running out of time before spring. Where I'm going to put it is between my work shop and a fence so fairly sheltered but will get the sun. Poly carb are so much cheaper I can get one delivered fairly soon, as long as they are just as good for plants I'll get one.
  12. Log burner

    That's the one I looked at....... 240 good reviews
  13. No Hunting with dogs vote

    I'd be happy with an absolute monarch to be fair. I reckon Charlie boy would suit us. Didn't stand for his ex smashing a carpet salesman, likes his fieldsports etc.
  14. Log burner

    I'll measure the logs I cut for my mums.....hers is only a 5kw
  15. Log burner

    I can't find a bad review.....seems to good to be true for a make iv never heard of! Like gas been said for that price I can sell it on if it's shit and still not overly loose out