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  1. 300,000 houses a year?

    I think sub prime mortgages are fine in principle provided that they are rated appropriately for the people who want to invest in them. My understanding is that the core of the problem before was that the ratting companies were essentially in the pocket of their clients, the banks, leading to a totally fraudulent system! The financial markets were unwittingly investing money in bonds that were far riskier than the ratting companies were claiming. Had the whole system not been (still is!) so fraudulent the market pressure would have forced the banks to reduce the number of sub prime mortgages because no one would have been willing to invest in them. I think...... LOL Anyway, I don't think doing away with stamp duty leads to sub prime mortgages, that's entirely up to the banks, it simply means that more of the cost of buying goes towards the house price therefore gives the buyer the ability to get more for their money. That increase in demand for higher value houses will probably push house prices up a little but I doubt so much as to make the policy ineffective.
  2. Not My Classic

    Mods, ban him!
  3. Not My Classic

    The Shawshank Redemption Lord of the Rings Star Wars Star Trek
  4. 300,000 houses a year?

    I worry their short sighted policies wont be rethought until the city of Britain is finally formed!
  5. true red leeds

    Yeah the one in Notts. Defo recommend it mate.
  6. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Murderers get life in prison, if we're going to have a crime so grievous we call it crime against humanity then let's have a proper sentence. They knew how to sentence such people last century.
  7. Snap crackle and pop

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuits_and_gravy Doesn't look particularly appetising but it's delicious! Basically biscuits are like a scone/dumpling type thing and the gravy is flour and milk mixed in with the bacon dripping and bits of left over sausage or bacon for flavour. Add some scrambled egg, streaky bacon, sausage patties and fried tates (also covered in the gravy) and ya laughing!
  8. Snap crackle and pop

    I have homemade american pancakes dripping in honey every Sunday. Sets me up lovely. Not a big fan of blueberries.
  9. Snap crackle and pop

    You ever had biscuits and gravy mate? It's an american thing. Breakfast over there for me is a shovel full of extremely crispy streaky bacon, another shovel full of scrambled eggs, cubed fried tates and two or three 'biscuits' covered in 'gravy'. Glass of fresh orange and mug of black coffee. Kinda there version of a full English.
  10. true red leeds

    One day I'll have this. Place is heaven!
  11. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    The roar of a panther.........
  12. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Oh I'm in the heart of the East Mids, everywhere is arable! LOL. But still they are hanging on. I love em. Those and Woodcock (which we don't see very many of unfortunately). I hear stories of back in the old days, before the onset of modern agriculture when the local farmers shoots could go out and shoot English into three figures such was the wild stock! If I had the resource I'd love to manage a couple thousand acres exclusively for partridges.
  13. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Been a particularly good year for them on our patch. Managed to put a few over guns too. I like watching the young coveys on the stubbles after harvest. I saw a late clutch end of September that were only golf/tennis ball sized, presumably a second clutch.
  14. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Herons roosting. Sounds Jurassic! Woodpecker on a dead tree. A covey of English partridges chattering. Muntjac barking at dusk.