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  1. Managed to snare a dog fox at the top of my field that has helped himself to some chickens last night. Is it worth putting another wire down in the same spot straight away ? it smells very foxy where I caught him. Is he likely to have a partner mooching round this time of year ? Don't snare foxes normally so any input gratefully received. The run is through some deer fencing where ive cut out a nice 'foxy ' shaped hole
  2. Picked up a dead long eared owl A1 today near Leeming.....off to taxidermist.
  3. I remember hearing them singing from school playground on the outskirts of Leeds forty years ago ! Still see and hear plenty where I am now, lovely birds to hear. Had a Gsp woodpecker drumming away in the garden this morning.....spring on its way..
  4. There’s some rabbits in the pic mate and grey partridge and pheasant....they been hung for 2 week and then sold ?
  5. That’s a beauty mate. Gotta a taxidermy mate who did one last year....the plumage up close is unreal...
  6. Sparrow hawk

    That came later mate after the maid ran my bath...
  7. Sparrow hawk

    Had one in the kitchen last night, made a right mess of this woodcock
  8. Sparrow hawk

    Yep reckon it’s a fieldfare mate....am sure one of the birdy boys will tell us what it is. Them sparrowhawk don’t mess around...
  9. Sparrow hawk

    Got it mate.... it’s a fieldfare isn’t it ?....grey arse feathers give it away ?
  10. Sparrow hawk

    What’s the bird mate, can’t work out what it is !,
  11. Wouldn’t mind putting a box up in the deer park. See one regularly on the posts by the road through the middle.
  12. Nice one, saw a barn owl few weeks back at my place near reeth and had a short eared up there last year too. Great birds are shorties....
  13. Nice one mate, you got some nestboxes on the farm ?,,,I found a dead one on the A1 that had been ringed just outside Richmond by a fella I knew !
  14. Salmon

    Saw that on another forum.....what a fish....