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  1. Rabbit Pate / Terrine

    Thanks looks very nice, I'll have a go at that.
  2. Weihrauch HW95K .177

    Hi All, Just to confirm I can post this rifle (at the expense of the buyer) within the UK. Cheers
  3. Weihrauch HW95K .177

    Haha sorry mate, I had no idea!
  4. Weihrauch HW95K .177

    Thanks mate, you are right they are fantastic gun, perfect for stocking up the freezer.
  5. Weihrauch HW95K .177

    FOR SALE: Weihrauch HW95K .177 in immaculate condition. I bought this rifle for my Son's birthday in summer however since then we have got a rimfire and it has not been touched. I have not modified or dismantled the gun at all. I have maintained in with the appropriate cleaners and pull through and it has been stored well. In addition to the rifle I include some 1" scope mounts/rings, they aren't any fancy brand but they did the trick with the Hawke 3-9x50 I had on the rifle. Finally I include a nearly full tin of H&N FTT's which in my experience the rifle loves as well as a pull through. I'd like £220 for the lot. I'm Located near Malton in North Yorkshire however I'm willing to travel a short distance to meet a buyer if it helps. PM me if interested, thanks.
  6. What are you feeding yours?

    Just kibble and rabbits. Try to feed 80% fresh rabbit and supplement with kibble.
  7. Have settled on either an x-bolt or T3 for the rifle, now considering mods.. I've been looking mostly at Wildcat Predator 12's and Stalon W145's , anyone have any opinion on either? Im looking for a longer heavier mod, not interesed in the compact lightweight models. My prime concern is noise reduction and ease of maintenace rather than weight saving or reduction in additional barrel length. All opinions welcomed...
  8. Well I finally managed to get out for a morning last Sunday. It was an important one as I'm bringing on two young kits this year alongside my older experienced Jill so it was a very first outing for two of them. The landowner had asked me to concentrate on a long hedgerow which, at one side, he had recently drilled. A few days previously I had been down and managed to cut back the worst of the nettles etc. in the central part of the hedgerow where the biggest concentration of rabbits seemed to be. It was a nice morning, got there for about 7am and saw plenty of rabbits still feeding so I was sure there would be a few to bolt. I set up a couple of 50yd longnets either side of the hedge, dissected that with a few stop nets and then put a few purse nets down where the most likely bolt holes were. I decided to put the Jill kit in with my old Jill first, she hesitated slightly then followed the old Jill down in to the warren. I waited about 15mins for the first bolt, and I admit I was worried I was going to blank at one point! Anyway the two Jills' bolted a total of 4 rabbits plus a load of baby rats before I decided to give the young kit a break and swap her for the hob kit. He was a little more nervous than the Jill but eventually he went underground and a further 1 rabbit bolted. After bout 20 mins of nothing going on I managed to pick up the older jill and the hob kit and put them back in the box. I decided to call it a day at that point as I didn't want to tire out the kits and I was happy with the result considering it was their first outing. I'm going to have a another go at the next section of the hedgerow this weekend all being well. (Sorry for the sideways pic!)
  9. A Few Of My Big Lad

    Thanks lads, Didn't realize I was going to start a fight! Be great to see some pics of other peoples similar crosses....
  10. A Few Of My Big Lad

    Thanks mate he's 26.6" TTS and Saluki/Grey/Whippet/Bull
  11. A Few Of My Big Lad

    Thats an ugly fecker if you wish for honesty. Haha each to their own ey mate
  12. A Few Of My Big Lad

    A mate of mine brought around a new camera today and he took some lovely shots of my dog, thought I'd share may favourite ones...
  13. Long Nets For Sale

    FAO Nelson - ive left you a PM regarding a net order Cheers