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  1. webley vulcan !!

    hiya lads brought this gun few weeks ago killed allot ov stuff [bANNED TEXT] it wat do u guys think!!
  2. Advice

    just brought an ols webley vulcan off an old pal wikid accuraccy and power best £50 iv ever spent lol
  3. myluguna wippet x beddlington

    cheerz boyz
  4. myluguna wippet x beddlington

    nice 1 ladz n ok [bANNED TEXT] put sum pics on
  5. beddy wippett pup

    hiya guys just a quick post im about to go buy a beddy wippet pup rough coated any you guys had um or worked them pics wud be gud im nt realy sure wat they look like any advice would be appriciated aswell cheers guys
  6. my new pups born last nite

    im looking for sumone to do it pal and im in suttonhill mate
  7. my new pups born last nite

    cheers pal
  8. my new pups born last nite

    thanks anne x
  9. heres my new born pups she had 6 wat do u lads think
  10. new paterdale pup

    pull ur head out your ars you joker i didnt pay for im emyway
  11. new paterdale pup

    im not sure he mite have sumwere [bANNED TEXT] iv got his birth sertificate and it ses patterdale terrier
  12. my patty

    nice dog mate
  13. new paterdale pup

    about 11 inch mate