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  1. Netflix recommendation

    I totally get that but as stated , and in truth, the average gym goer pre CrossFit did twenty mins in the treadmill watching telly and three sets for ten on the pec a dec . Now their warm up is longer than there session . This can only be a good thing imho the kippng thing is to encourage mass reps , otherwise you’d have to have done three years of training before a CrossFit cycle lol I’m aware of the injury rate , I went to the bone in my shins in a box two years ago and had 30 staples in , bit that’s my only wounds when I played football , I did my ankle every other week
  2. Netflix recommendation

    Additionally , in 2013 I ran 1:22 for a half marathon, a week later I picked up 215 kg for a one rep max dead lift im 5 foot 10 and will never be accused of bulimic I never ran more than a mile or lifet more than 5 reps of any serious weight in the previous 3 months just ate clean and did 2 wods a day the difference was sensational
  3. Netflix recommendation

    Your at the wind there rusty terrier imho opinion cross fit has revolutionised fitness, it’s made training a sport as opposed to specificity training for the sport you do . The kipping thing is essential for the sheer volume of pull ups who can seriously deliver 15 reps for ten sets spread between deadlifts burpees or what ever else is in the wod making fitness accessible is a key component of the true CrossFit mantra , alongside the functional movements and correct form. Take deadlift and squat , other than serious Olympic lifters , pre CrossFit era who did that in the gym? Now it’s a common vocabulary usage for every day conversation , “bet she squats ?!” Etc. Anything that allows fun into fitness or a competitive edge can never be a bad thing . In another plus side , CrossFit encompasses the entire spectrum , diet , education, mobility , if by bringing mobility to the masses and extended peoples mobility into later life. How can you not like it? I was a critic of it, massively , enjoyed thought it was a fad , I believed in cardio, dips and heaves. And instead of being achy and stiff three times a week , we train most days . And barely an ache between us .
  4. Lake District - Windermere

    Get out and enjoy it lads
  5. Netflix recommendation

    Loads of good stuff on it docs wise , fittest on earth is good loads of nature ones a few oldies as well , well worth a fiver a month
  6. Exquisite lurchers

    https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/1814272-lilac-tri-female-kc-registered-british-bulldog-ilford.html oh my f***ing god !!!
  7. Trying to work things out

    two guys worth listening to right there
  8. Come on I can't be the only one..

    Maybe not nowadays , but in the early part of this century , there was a serious argument for lurchers being far more popular that once thought. I lived in my small little town at the time and I reckon there was easily 70 running dogs in a town with about 2000 people . Far more than labradors , jack Russell etc . When we used to go to carlisle and West Cumbria etc to see our pals it was a similar story. But up our way at that time , they were literally everywhere !!
  9. Buzzed by an Apache !

    Indeed socks its hard to put into context the feeling of a military helicopter, one of my favourite things is being in a chinook alongside a group of my friends, I’ve had hundreds of photos in them over the years and in c130s . When I synced an old iPod it wiped them all , and I lost an old laptop to an old flame with two tours worth of pics . A regret of most old soldiers really
  10. Trying to work things out

    I think I know what your on about op and I think the waters are being muddied a little by the other posts imho if I read right you have a bull cross bitch and are thinking of mating her to a top class known saluki cross. Is that right? Well, I can see how that would appeal ! To take a bull cross to scouser , Lucas , bulldozer et all seems likely to breed a “dog for all types “ sketch , I see your logic . In sure buddy was bred to bull greys and threw good stuff . If I remember rightly scouser lined a lamping bitch also . I’ll ask the lad who has it next time I see him . The threads for razor on here show his offspring as very typey but again , logical simplicity never grew a great dog, maybe a case of too much flavour in the stock or put simply , maybe a bull grey couldn’t assimilate properly with the top end of the coursing spectrum. Or maybe the owners would be loath to mate their charges to a dog that can leather old red yet be gassed after two hares? Who knows ? But I wish you well and hope it turns out for you !
  11. Over 4' 10" your in!

    Lol in what way shape or form max are gay men an effect on trust one of the best known platoons in the entire army are famous for their history of rentboys , bumming each other on tour and other general homosexual banter no one fucks with them , literally
  12. Buzzed by an Apache !

    Good Apache book called dressed to kill if your that way inclined
  13. Trump Under Fire

    Having been to three carribean islands in the last year and three African countries numerously the last ten , I can confirm that trump was on the money . A swift weekend away for the liberals to downtown nairobi or nanyuki with their families should quell any discrepancies about shitholes https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000210905/kenya-army-takes-over-roads-to-stem-terror-attacks https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/woman-wedding-no-show-gang-rape-kenya-nairobi-her-name-africa-marriage-sexual-assault-violence-a7816011.html%3famp absolutley standard for east Africa , nothing shocking
  14. Hartlepool United FC

    Nah , de bruyne by a mile max.
  15. 2 hinds

    That’s quite a big variance over that distance would you revert back to 150 gr or just live with it?