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  1. A lesson from Poland

    Tracksuit top and stone washed jeans? Luminous running trainers? Wifecdressed like a hooker to go to the newsagents for red bull and sauerkraut? Yeh, they're polish like!
  2. Clothes

    Clobber nobber I have to wear cheap t shirts to go out and karate pants to fight off the chicks i needn't talk , we going out soon and the trouble and strife is up to 5 dresses already as "possibles"
  3. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    youve got me all nostalgic boys, i was barely 10 / 11 when this came out, I remember watching the first game shown on it, a three all draw between lazio and Parma I think . To me it was amazing, the exotic shirts of sampdoria , Roma and inter Milan. When I think of it now all I remember is 1 nil wins and nil nil draws played out in outdated stadiums, eighties architecture for the 90 World Cup, rainy stormy midweek games and end of season games with nothing to win played in Brescia, Atlanta and the other small sides and the players, gianlugi lentini , 13 m centre half Milan bought from Torino in a time when the transfer record in uk was 2.7 million for dean Saunders from Liverpool to villa donadoni the super heroes in the Milan side of rikjaard, guillit, van hasten and jean pierre Papin the pantomime villains of inter led by darko panchev David platt , playing better than anyone in England for Bari , sampdoria and juve lombardo in the royal blue of sampdoria Being completely underwhelmed by gascoigne at lazio but amazed by the fantastically ugly and skilful Giuseppe signori seeing players like Veron, winters, davids, del Pierro, Baggio, kluivert emerging and baresi , del Pierro , Baggio eventually wane in they're careers There was also a young lad at my adopted Italian team Roma who was starting out who turned out not too bad either! Argh, jumpers for goalposts eh? Still easily the worlds greatest game
  4. Clothes

    A man after my own heart
  5. Clothes

    My jackets at least a decade old so it must be a good batch!! Rab are my pet hate, they used to be bombproof, I wouldn't have one given now since they licensed the brand name out
  6. Dwarf nonce

    Surely this justifies the building of a specialist dwarf prison where a 5 ft wall keeps them all trapped in a large open area wearing target to shirts and knights helmets Visitors can buy raw veg to throw at them and on the hour every hour one can get fired out of a cannon to try and get over the wall "what to have to remember about these things is that they gossip!"
  7. Clothes

    I had a pair of caterpillar boots on the other day I bought with my first pay cheque at 18 .. 17 years I've had. Them and bar the odd piss stain there still awesome ten year old Levi's and an old carharrt jacket completed the ootd butvyour right, I threw a pair of boxers out this morning I've had on twice from primark , utter rubbish , I'm only in my mid thirties and I struggle to find clothes I like , it's all skinny jeans , boots to o wouldn't wear digging for bait and vests these days, it also breaks me when you go out of a night these days and you see the state of people ! it used to be a big thing going home from the pub to put on proper clothes if you were out clubbing , it just don't sit right with me seeing people out in converse trainers in a club!
  8. Honey badger x

    It's bigger than the beddy!!! Lol
  9. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    Inzaghi once scored 14 in a youth game that were probably all offside
  10. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    Romario reckons he's scored more
  11. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    Again , le tissier was a conundrum, apparently he wouldn't leave Southampton, he liked it there, but what did he really achieve? All well and good being a legend in a small team, but he can't really be judged except his amazing goals, also had the tendency to drift in games for extended runs at a time but , as again, England never really used him as another country might have , arguably sheringham was more productive . sutton was another I always felt underused by the national side, esp. when Heskey was out of sorts.
  12. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    I'd also argue about rvn being world class at times, he was absolutely unplayable , I think one of his best games was at basle in the champions league they were a decent side and gave unite real stick but he popped up late and knocked two in he had no right to even get to, if I remember right he was a prick to Ronaldo at united and fergie shifted him on asap
  13. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    Behave !!! If george best was world class what does that make dalgliesh and souness?
  14. Pirlo, worthy of a mention

    I think how cristiano Ronaldo looks puts people off him where as in reality he works harder and longer than anyone else in football , that's a fact , he's taken his genetics and worked his arse off to improve constantly . Additionally he's not only a great player , but a great human, look at his charity work, he batted off 5 million To the Nepalese earthquake fund without even a second thought , what a guy mine would probably be a mixture of two one for serious ness buffon carlos Ferdinand Ramos cole beckham gattuso scholes bale ronaldo Henry you could make a decent united Chelsea or arsenal team from the prem era , Keane , petit, viera, drogba , overmars, r v n , van persie, bergkamp who'd be a struggle for anyone and one for my guilty pleasures Van der Saar maldini puyol heinze lambert laudrup hagi stoichkov overmars romario batistuta on the bench, inzaghi enzo scifo del pierro
  15. A lesson from Poland

    Good to see tommy Robinson described as far right yet again! Interesting comments from that English teacher, wonder what he's saying to his pupils? And if he'll be in the job long now !!