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  1. Hi fella 

    just bought xq50f off Ian how did you navigate the settings nightmare any help grateful 

    1. Baldcoot


      The Little wheel on the front press till the menu comes up coloured flag at the top press again and number 1 comes up ,thats first colour pallete .Dial thru 1 to 7 to find a colour u like .Then scroll down to area ,3 pictures town ,woodland and urban,mines on the tree <woodland>.

      scroll down again to the next number roll 1 to 7 for different versions of the pallet .

      IF you pause for a minute the menu goes away ,turning the wheel 1 way is contrast and the other is brightness from 1 to 20 on both which is ridiculous brite.

      Then its just experiment to get it to your eyesight and preference .Front focus is big and rear focus is small adjustments.If still stuck Ian seems a sound fella and could probably explain it better than me atb

    2. polishunter1
  2. Barrel burner ????

    Who could these people be walshie are they aliens or are they sensible humans got to agree though the hornet smashes them same as 223 17 hmr OK but had too many misfires with ammo not regretting it .
  3. guess the weight

    Your cheating it's got scales on its back
  4. The Welsh Beware!

    I remember ewe .
  5. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    Could it be me fella I love my hornet but on this subject I'd go for tikka stainless synthetic 243 even so I think the hornet will do the job no problem another subject is Foxtails still alive .
  6. Thermal Spotter

    Where's the cheapest are they coming down yet
  7. Walshie

    Well one thing they have in common they never leave their friends behind .
  8. The Roast Dinner

    Can't beat a leg of liver lol
  9. The New Season

    Keep rewarding her she'll get better
  10. Wanted Ferret Jill Working Lines Somerset

    Hi anyone going your way can deliver got a few you can have off working stock
  11. 17 Hornet

    Hi got mine off gun trader waited 6 weeks from litts never come next day delivery synthetic stock not looked back just whistles down the wind a little beauty .
  12. Worst Job You've Ever Had ?

    Was a bus driver for 3 weeks had to give it up didn't like people talking behind my back .
  13. Archer And Recon 750 For Sale

    Hi everyone are they any good with hawk sidewinder do I have to spend fortune upgrading got sniper cam which is good cliff Ray has been helpful any input lads help.
  14. Roadkill

    Why Google it ask the wife at least you get honest answer off walshie