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  1. Hi 

    looking for feedback on the thermal scope thanks

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lee


      It's on auto and  Re calibrating ...


    3. ukhunter


      i just switched it to manual and see what is like   or shell i put it onto semi auto

      ill try them both see which ones best

    4. polishunter1



      seem others on other sites having same problem when cold want to buy one but can wait got a xq50 f for spotting off Ian outstanding.

  2. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    Hi Ian think if he looked in the mirror the devil would appear not in the real world mate keep at them mate
  3. Long ears??

    Ask prince Charles
  4. Hi anyone got the Solaris mk2 from torch factory are they any good thanks
  5. tree identity

    Teresa green will know .
  6. Pulsar Xq30v and xq38f

    Hi go the extra mile xq50f 2 foxes behind brambles normal nv couldn't see them so squeaked them out so save your beer money up they say the xq38f is good not seen it but if it's like 50 crack on fella .

    Hi just had 22 boxes of marksman -177 4.5mm pellets given me mate cleaning out old pub used for shooting practice anyone used them any good.
  8. dog warden

    Hi you could take him to the council cleansing dept where they have a scanner to detect chips used when cats get killed on road to find their owners worth a try .
  9. Night Master

    Hi fella got to agree with you bought evo 75 IR you won't be shooting the distance you can see with that torch guaranteed
  10. Fox snare advice

    Hi Darren if you live close to me I can help catch the snares I use are outstanding bought off Andy arrow.anchors@btinternet.com
  11. Mice

    Hi rule of thumb you catch one you got to catch 5 family unless it came for a warm snap traps fine
  12. Help Needed

    Went out last night to try xq50f unbelievable what you see big game changer big thanks to Ian B
  13. Hi fella 

    just bought xq50f off Ian how did you navigate the settings nightmare any help grateful 

    1. Baldcoot


      The Little wheel on the front press till the menu comes up coloured flag at the top press again and number 1 comes up ,thats first colour pallete .Dial thru 1 to 7 to find a colour u like .Then scroll down to area ,3 pictures town ,woodland and urban,mines on the tree <woodland>.

      scroll down again to the next number roll 1 to 7 for different versions of the pallet .

      IF you pause for a minute the menu goes away ,turning the wheel 1 way is contrast and the other is brightness from 1 to 20 on both which is ridiculous brite.

      Then its just experiment to get it to your eyesight and preference .Front focus is big and rear focus is small adjustments.If still stuck Ian seems a sound fella and could probably explain it better than me atb

    2. polishunter1
  14. Barrel burner ????

    Who could these people be walshie are they aliens or are they sensible humans got to agree though the hornet smashes them same as 223 17 hmr OK but had too many misfires with ammo not regretting it .
  15. guess the weight

    Your cheating it's got scales on its back