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  1. Roe Deer Head Mount

    Much better with full neck caped back to shoulder ....
  2. A Day With Foxdropper

    Why do you keep deleting my reply..........truth hurts....
  3. A Day With Foxdropper

    Well done Tim , Christ what's he moaning about ............when I come down we do 3 days and nights non stop
  4. Proud Dad.

    Brilliant mate , really pleased for George , bet he was buzzing. I was with you every step of the way on that stalk as it was just the same as we did the week before. You will be taking a back seat now and letting George take up the ropes
  5. Aye.............chucked better in the bin mate
  6. what species of deer is this?

    I think you mean Roe and Red are the 2 indigenous species on our shores . Sika are Japanese.
  7. New Darcy books?

    Both my books arrived this morning and as always look like great reading. Great pics as always , laughed at quite a lot of the pics took in the 70 s Well done mate for taking the time to produce another quality journal
  8. Stalkiing With Steve

    Martin my permission is vast covering some 16 farms. I have plenty to go at mate dont you worry. You forget Martin I know exactly what you get up to under the hours of darkness so dont start accusing me.
  9. Stalkiing With Steve

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :bye: :bye: :bye: No more from me either as I've got a monkey to hang
  10. Stalkiing With Steve

    The only think I poach mate is my eggs !!!! I never said the shooting up North was good and I never said I am a professional but yes I have been South to shoot your easier deer , change is as good as a rest..... Why do so many southern stalkers travel North to stalk ? Because its more of a challenge. Why dont you go and eat some more pies
  11. Stalkiing With Steve

    The roe further up are just as easy if not easier because they can be seen for miles Have you ever stalked roe in forestry? Cant see for miles I'm afraid
  12. Stalkiing With Steve

    yes i have heard about the way you shoot let me see oh Yes the person told me Your a Slaughterman let loose with a gun . Nice title to have, and if you walk as well as you open your mouth you should be back home before you go out . :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  13. Stalkiing With Steve

    All my shooting and lamping is done on foot. You lamp from a motor as you probably couldn't manage a decent nights lamping on foot...... I dare say if you tried a nights lamping with me in the hills it would kill you You are also stalking those easy Southern Roe that lie out in fields and hedgerows in the middle of the day
  14. Stalkiing With Steve

    Not being funny but Large stalkers tend to be bad stalkers as they find it hard to be quiet and God help them if a crawl was involved as a heart attack would be on the cards
  15. Stalkiing With Steve

    Christ , he must have eaten all of the pies :laugh: