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  1. Breeding Line of Working Mink

    Minkenry, it looks like you are off and running. Thanks for sharing the vid with us.
  2. WW3

    waltjnr, I think the video we all saw of "rescuer's" without proper personal protective equipment hosing down victims still in their street clothes without and organized decontamination line. Was of civilians cleaning up people not directly affected by the attacks. Staged perhaps, but everything from that region is suspect isn't it?
  3. WW3

    Oh boy. Their on to us.
  4. WW3

    I thought it started with the Arab Spring.
  5. Only one ???

    Oh that's an easy one Socks. I'd only hunt whatever moves.
  6. It's never easy

    No, it's never easy. But 15 years is a good long run. Sorry for your loss.
  7. Another school shooting in America

    But, you have free healthcare. Doesn't that put you at ease?
  8. Another school shooting in America

    The planet you live on must be very nice. On this planet, in these situations. The NRA always ends up as the temporary fall guy and they withstand the wrath of the media. Their followers remain loyal because they do not waiver in their message. Some people still respect that sort of thing. The most recent tragedy has started the ban on assault style weapons all over again. (I'm not sure exactly which weapons are not styled for assaulting.) Anyway, a majority of firearms produced these days seem to be built on an "ar" platform. So, we would have as much luck collecting them as we've had keeping heroin off of our streets. It's a pointless debate but useful as an outlet for emotions. We have those too you see. ATB
  9. Another school shooting in America

    Well, the USA is certainly a violent place. It's also a place where much of the worlds good gets started and is done. To say we care more about individual rights and liberties than we do for our children's lives is a little harsh. ATB
  10. Trump Under Fire

    Oh no. You stand out.
  11. Trump Under Fire

    WILF, you're insane.lol
  12. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Mr. Finn? Well yeah, that's a female Downy, and the other is one of our Red tailed Hawks. Below is a Red Bellied Woodpecker. Male I think.
  13. Extinct animals

    I'm not endorsing breaking the law or anything. But you might be happier without wolves roaming around. I know we were.
  14. Christmas before Christianity

    Well, you are entitled to your opinion God knows.
  15. Out For A walk

    I think she's been lucky enough to be on this planet for a fair few years. Most of which she spent in an excellent habitat. Shame she ends the year with just one cub. But, it looks like a nice healthy one. Lets wish them both a safe warmish winter undisturbed.
  16. Out For A walk

    That's a big sow.
  17. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Here are a few captives from the Detroit Zoological Park.
  18. As a boy, I had a Standard Schnauzer. I've literally never seen another sense then. Miniatures as lap dogs, are fairly common. There is the odd Giant around. But these tend to be too much dog for most people. Shame the cops don't use them.
  19. Birds "please Add Yours"

    This one has been banded. Excellent capture!
  20. Gundog - keeping out with family dog

    jwed, It's better to kennel gun dogs when they are not being either trained or ran. Leaving them to their own devices has little chance of improving their performance and considerable chance of causing harm. The underground fence assuming it's turned up high enough should teach the dog the boundaries as long as you go through the training with the flags and all of that. Here the sheep dog may be able to help as it knows the boundaries already. This way if you decide to house the dog or let him out of the kennel to "clean out" before getting in the vehicle he won't run off and get into mischief. Congratulations on both your gun and your new gun dog. Have a great time afield!