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  1. Angry Buck

    This was a strange buck. I have some permission on a small farm owned by two of the best people I've ever met. So, when I stop by to visit the conversation runs pretty long. This means I get set up late in my stand. I use a climber so this has to be packed out and set up. I was sitting on the corner of standing corn, and the wood lot. There were just enough acorns falling to maybe entice a few deer to leave the corn. About 20 minutes into my sit I saw this guy and I thought I would pass. But he lingered in the area and attacked every deer that tried to cross from the corn to the acorns. We are talking maybe 6 or 7 deer. As the light faded he moved to the corner of the corn and made a scrape. That's all I could take. So, I slowly stood up and as quietly as I could I switched around so I was facing the tree and could shoot to the corn side. Well just then he moved off and jumped a fence to the neighboring property. Then he jumped back and seemed to be following my trail past my blind? So, as quietly as I could I slowly turned around yet again facing into the wood lot. As soon as I was in position there he was and I let fly. I heard a perfect thwack and he jumped like he should and ran about 30 feet to the edge of the corn. There he attacked another deer I had not seen and simply stood there. After I while I got to thinking I screwed up somehow and better shoot him again. Sooo, I rummaged around in my pockets as quietly as I could and found My pull cord. (I'm using a crossbow) and pulled another bolt from my quiver. I had to raise my 57 yo old leg up and over the rifle rest on my stand and insert my foot in the brace to pull the string back to cock it. No sooner had I pulled it back and he bolted into the corn. (I hate corn) I heard him tearing up things in there and thought great he attacking another deer. But it was his death throws and I found him without too much trouble. This was my first ever gut shot so I did screw up.
  2. Angry Buck

    Thanks guys. I use a Darton viper along with Rage broadheads. Foxdropper, I'd say the crossbow is similar to a rifle and just as accurate. Mine has an excellent trigger and seems quite enough that I don't get deer jumping at the release. As for Turkey's we have quite a few here but I don't hunt them often.
  3. Angry Buck

    Whitetail. That's as big as he's gonna get.
  4. Favourite Big Game Animal

    They are hunted with blue tick hounds, the same dogs are used for Caracal, Leopard and pigs etc, all very exciting stuff if your into dog work and shooting. It just so happens I am.
  5. That's All From Me........ I'm Off.......

    Good luck with the move.
  6. Favourite Big Game Animal

    Me too. He wrote a book American Buffalo which is an excellent read IMHO. My favorite game animal remains Black Bear. Maybe it'll be Brown Bear or Mountain Lion some day. But it's blacks for me right now. What I like about them is they are smart and curious and just a pleasure to watch. When you go into the brush after a wounded one you get a look at what they really are. But otherwise they just go about their business like they own the place.
  7. Dry Food.... To Soak Or Not To Soak

    You don't have to soak dry feed. Even puppies handle it just fine.
  8. Boerboel .

    Nice looking dogs. They certainly do look the part. I've looked at a few similar dogs myself. Dogo's, Cane Corso, (the most intimidating dog I've come across), and the Boerboel as well. Not sure I'll take the plunge as I'm more leaning towards a Dutch Shepherd for guarding and companionship on the hunt. Lower feed bills for sure. Interesting dog, and thread all the same.
  9. That was a great stalk, followed by a nice shot. Nice country too by the way.
  10. My New Lurcher Pup

    Nice looking little pup. Good luck with her, and have fun.
  11. Mysteries Of Life......

    I thought only Canadians did that. Canadians are always apologizing.....with much to apologize for (or 'aboot' ?) While they're pretty decent all in all. I heard that the Canadian sniper who made that most recent long range record kill apologized under his breath even as he was squeezing the trigger. "Sorry 'eh"
  12. Mysteries Of Life......

    I thought only Canadians did that.
  13. Wolfdog, they were less than $100.00 around here not to long ago. Used
  14. Didn't even make the news over here in Detroit.
  15. Big Cat Sighting

    http://www.freep.com/story/news/2017/06/29/dnr-cougar-lower-peninsula-michigan/439702001/ That's somebodies driveway. lol
  16. Minkenry, you definetely take the cake. Nice video thanks for sharing it.
  17. Russia?

    He's just as apt to hit the "tweet" button.
  18. Russia?

    Holy smokes WILF un bunch your panties. You know we wouldn't leave you poor buggers to fend for yourselves in this dangerous world. When things get to warm just give us a shout. We'll come right over. Over sexed, over paid, and well you know the rest.....
  19. Russia?

    Goes without saying. Chris, were thinking we'll deal with North Korea. We'll leave Russia, Syria, and the next world war to you. How does that sound? That's a safe bet.
  20. Russia?

    Oh, for Pete's sake. 1000 people took the survey. 70 answered brown cows. Using the 7% figure and taking the population of US you get over 16m... It was a small survey and some scaled up mathematics. You do realize many cows are actually brown.
  21. Russia?

    Oh, for Pete's sake.
  22. Made Me Cry This

    Can you prove its fake mate, no, there is setup ones but its looks genuine to me. Francie, our homeless are no where near that clean.
  23. Huge Fire In London

    foxropper.After I read about the fire and how it spread. I looked up the British Standards including those for fire Sprinklers. I didn't imagine at the time that such a building wouldn't be sprinkled you see. Your standards are hard to understand and have language that is less than precise. I realize this was a tragedy but I'd like to add one more observation. The policy of "staying put" which we call shelter in place, is common enough. But it's dependent on fire rated construction, fully sprinkled buildings, and a functioning fire alarm system. Again, I'm sorry for your troubles and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Fukc me you must be a bundle of fun ....... I hate fun.