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  1. blackstaff

    222 brass

    Got the brass today, thanks very much Got to say guys, dealing with 8486 dogman was an absolute breeze and pleasure
  2. blackstaff

    .243 90 grain sako make up

    All I know is I'd like a group like that @200 !!
  3. blackstaff

    222 brass

    Would you post if I covered the postage bud ?
  4. blackstaff

    A few more pics

    That’s when she was allowed to be part of the team
  5. blackstaff

    A few more pics

  6. blackstaff

    A few more pics

    Cheers lads, I’ll see if I can post the next pic after that 1. I’m on the phone not the laptop so might not work but I’ll try
  7. blackstaff

    A few more pics

    Cheers all. It’s taken a few years and few £ on equip, still improvements to be made
  8. blackstaff

    An afternoon bolting

    Already have
  9. blackstaff

    A few more pics

    Here are a few more pics as a couple of you asked for
  10. blackstaff

    A couple of pics

  11. blackstaff

    An afternoon bolting

    Thanks, I’ve got thousands of hunting pics !
  12. blackstaff

    An afternoon bolting

    Cheers bud, yeah I do like taking a picture or 2
  13. blackstaff

    A couple of pics

    It's not often I get the opportunity to get out on the pigeons as have no ground myself,so when the invitation comes I like to take the camera and shoot in more way's than 1
  14. blackstaff

    An afternoon bolting

    I'll try !
  15. blackstaff

    An afternoon bolting