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  1. A few more pics

    That’s when she was allowed to be part of the team
  2. A few more pics

  3. A few more pics

    Cheers lads, I’ll see if I can post the next pic after that 1. I’m on the phone not the laptop so might not work but I’ll try 👍
  4. A few more pics

    Cheers all. It’s taken a few years and few £ on equip, still improvements to be made 👍
  5. An afternoon bolting

    Already have 😂
  6. A few more pics

    Here are a few more pics as a couple of you asked for
  7. A couple of pics

    Cheers 🍻
  8. An afternoon bolting

    Thanks, I’ve got thousands of hunting pics !
  9. An afternoon bolting

    Cheers bud, yeah I do like taking a picture or 2 😉😄
  10. A couple of pics

    It's not often I get the opportunity to get out on the pigeons as have no ground myself,so when the invitation comes I like to take the camera and shoot in more way's than 1
  11. An afternoon bolting

    I'll try !
  12. An afternoon bolting

  13. An afternoon bolting

    That'll do I suppose, not quite up to your normal standard mind you !
  14. An afternoon bolting

    Cheers bud, that's really kind of you (y) Ok, here ya go - What sort of pic do you want to see of my dog's ? Bitch or dog or both and I'll post it if I have 1
  15. An afternoon bolting

    Here's the sequence Baz. It didn't make safety