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  1. I have sussed it.........

    They think that they look fabulous in them, but to me they look f****n Ridiculous. Beats me how they get them off, they must attach a set of calving chains to the belt loops and get someone to winch them off their so f****n tight. SINDASOX
  2. Out Ratting

    Some Absolutely Superb photo's on here, well done everyone. SINDASOX
  3. reedy beds up near alston

    After seeing the posts from both of you over the years i presumed you lived local to each other and traveled on your exploits together. SINDASOX
  4. Got out one last time 2017

    Excellent pic, He's Beaming, neat little ferret box as well. SINDASOX
  5. New Rat Trap Box

    Yes, I have done a few of these modified Victor's after seeing it done, Here Excellent little trap with a nice strong spring when modified, put a small piece of perspex to lift the spring up on the one's i did, and another little bit screwed on top to stop the springs moving, done some chinbar's with metal rod and some out of wood, also done the tunnel with mesh on some and others with thin plastic folded over to make a tunnel. The one in pic has no tunnel just a little cubby that slides over the trap. SINDASOX
  6. Celebrity Hunter Outrage (Canadian Edition)

    I didn't expect to see that Doberman getting up after it had hold of it around the head/neck. SINDASOX
  7. New Rat Trap Box

    Noticed that, i put mine in a wooden tunnel with entrance each end. SINDASOX
  8. Arthur Mullard......, .... .... SINDASOX
  9. Fed Up

    Started using the falconry bells myself last year, really excellent on hearing where the ferret is if they decide to wander down a really thick hedgerow. I would go for a good quality falconry one, the one's you can get to go on a cat collar are absolute crap. The bells do fill up with muck and dirt quite regularly and then they make no sound, so what i do is carry a few spares. The best way to get the muck out i have found is to submerge the bell is some water and shake all the crap out. SINDASOX
  10. Wellies

    Like everything mate most things are not made as they used to be years ago, with such a competitive marketplace everyone is cutting costs to make the biggest margins, after having the same trouble as yourself with wellies not lasting no time at all i purchased a pair of these having been recommended them on here, cant fault mine so far, excellent sole and strong all around, give them a try. Here SINDASOX
  11. Edrd

    Yes, Here SINDASOX
  12. Anyone For A Shit Sandwich

    Wiping their f****n dirty arseholes with their hands, because of their beliefs. I never new that, Truly Shocking. SINDASOX
  13. Welly Boot Review

    Had mine over a year now and still going strong. SINDASOX
  14. Hey Hey, Easy when you know how ain't it lol. But like Double f****n Dutch when you don't know lol lol. Cheers SINDASOX
  15. Same as forest is saying really lol, When you are replying to a topic, on the bottom right of the screen is a button to post what you want to say, next to that is a More Reply Options button, click on that and it will take you to a new page. On this page bottom left is a button Attach Files, underneath this it says Choose File click on this and it will take you to your pics on your computer. Choose which pics you want to put on here from you computer and press Attach this File. SINDASOX