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  1. New Artifical

    Didn't cut the bottom out of our plastic pipe due to not wanting anything extending it, our brick ones are solid floor also just quarter fill with muck to give the natural feel, also cut your plastic pipe in 2ft lengths as a dig is not always in the chamber and you need some sharp bends , something to slow the terrier down for a clear shot.
  2. New Artifical

    Our plastic pipe artificial is one of the best we have, , although we've never had a litter in it in the recent snow it was being used by several different foxes, if I could get some more plastic pipe I would definitely use it
  3. New Artifical

    All ours are u shaped so one gun can cover both entrances, they're made from bricks, slabs, concrete blocks, ones made with plastic pipe and holds regular, mostly it's a quick bolt but we do have to dig a few each season,we've also had a few litters of cubs in them and all of them are used by rabbits. This was a morning round the artificials.
  4. An unusual Hiatus

    Time ya popped round for catch-up mate, I'm in tomorrow if ya fancy a brew
  5. Bert Gripton.

    Did you no the twins Barrie ? ( close friends of Bert), they've got some cracking old photos of him an his terriers.
  6. Show Us Your White Dog's

    10 years old an still doing it😀
  7. Night Master

    What others have you tried? I'use a t20 with a s pill on the photon and a t ?? Next size up, on the roof mounted spotter wired straight to the 12v truck socket, there both like ldaylight at 200 yards and at 80-100 yards its to bright with both so have to remember to tilt the roof spotter up or not turn the photon t20 on, mine are from irlightbuilds, I'd get a nm800 for the photon if it were an improvement over the on I have, be good to no which you've tried before I spend more ££££
  8. How much ?

    I'd pay 500 + for a good working terrier,, you'll not get much in the gun dog world for 5, a pup maybe
  9. Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    A coverup I recently had in thailand, not hunting related but just to show what can be done over a 20 year old black blob
  10. Photon Ir Alignment

    I would also like to no the answer to this, I've got the xt with doubler and you've got all on seeing the bull at 100yards never mind the bullet hole for the one shot zero, I. Use a bipod of the vehicle bonnet, and a lot of bullets
  11. I've got fac and shotgun an convictions, mainly poaching ,these were all when I was in my teens,early twenties,I grew up and got a wife,children, mortgage,a job,an behaved for 10 years to get mine, I no of 3 people that have been to jail an got licenses,two of sentences were to do with guns an one for violence,these people are friends of mine but two of them should never have been granted a license because guns were involved.
  12. An is it waterproof now ??
  13. Lets See Your Working Russells

    he's the double of my dog Any pictures
  14. Lets See Your Working Russells

    the bull Russell??There both same breeding mate, a bit of bull way back