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  1. Lamp shy

    I find using minimal light is effective but most people seem to want much more than is needed for the particular range they are shooting at. Sure the back stop needs viewing sometimes but if your on a familiar venue that you know is safe then just enough is good enough. EDIT: dunno how this post got in this qouted bit
  2. New layout

    Oops - just remembered I use adblock
  3. New layout

    I've been following this topic for a few hours... using a desktop PC and have concluded donators don't see ads because I have not seen one advert.
  4. Acid Reflux

    That camera is even worse up the knob - they ram the huckin thing in and it has blood on it when it comes out.
  5. Lidle Find

    It was at a hard standing on the edge of a field next to a path where people park their cars to take dogs for a walk, so no surprise about boot or trainer marks there. I'm not saying its a dog or otherwise. So many people will think and what they want about it. I don't do dogs but was told they can't retract claws like cats - and I don't see any claws there. As said, I'm open minded and on the fence.
  6. Lidle Find

    it's normally kind of rolled back it's more evident on the few sheep carcasses I,ve seen, the deer are always just a head and shoulders left and the legs scattered around, just think how much shit I get if you got rubbished for saying you saw one once, don't worry about it I know what I saw and I,m on a mission to prove it, if your really honest with yourself you know what you saw, but it just seems to mental for your brain to accept what your eyes told it, I get the piss taken out of me constantly, but that just pushes me on, and from being like yourself I am now 100 percent that I will achieve what I,ve set out to do and get a full proof no questions case in a few more years if I can stay fit enough or have a good enough case I can pass on for someone else to finish if I don't make it, fact is often stranger than fiction remember Thank you greyman,. I went back next morning with a camera to where my brother and I saw it. Both of us were certain it was a black panther type animal - slightly taller and significantly longer than a full grown Labrador - with a longer thinner tail. I found this print there, placing the outers of the pads at 4". I think if the ground had been softer we'd be looking at a very much larger print. It may have been a print of the beast or may not.
  7. Lidle Find

    I'm a bit of a fence sitter on big cats have seen what I thought was one a few years ago and got rubbished a bit for saying so. On the half eaten carcass images - is it normal for a big cat to eat the skin? I don't see it stripped off anywhere.
  8. Kwikfit Add On Night Vision Rigs

    Time for a March bump.
  9. Wrongfully Arrested Accused

    Many years ago a bloke with the same first and last name as me, and same date of birth even had glassed a guy in a pub. Cops were sure it was me but I eventually persuaded them to get me to the pub for an ID. Landlord agreed it weren't me, cops bought me a pint and took me home.
  10. That's too tall an order for me bud - sorry.
  11. More Scum Jailed

    Our successive governments are responsible for this by standing by and letting the race card overrule justice .
  12. This involved fitting a suction mounted digital night vision spotter to the outside top corner of the windscreen on the 4wd where the driver can reach it to fairly covertly spot bunnies, then use a red LED torch equipped HMR to take the shot. The DVR was only a budget 420 TVL so the image is fairly grainy. Best watch it with your player set at about 5 inches across to see it nearer the raw quality the shooter see's before the image is compressed when processing it.
  13. Kwikfit Add On Night Vision Rigs

    I have a one off (for now) EVO torch version. I propose to make them available in five KwikFit EVO Add On NV formats. With either a 38mm, 50mm, 67mm or a 75mm torch head - or no torch head if the buyer already has an extra head for an existing EVO torch. This has become practical as the IR pill is compatible with each head size - and I can solder it in without waiting to customise it to a specific buyers requirement. I only currently have a 67mm EVO head, so it is offered with that head at £267, or headless at ONLY £220. These prices are subject to minor finalisation when I have parts in stock to commence production of them. The base price will likely be £220 with no torch head and more with the following formula. £238 with a 38mm head. £250 with a 50mm head. £267 with a 67mm head: The photo shows how close the 67mm head is to an 8x56mm scope objective bell. £275 with a 75mm head: This 75mm head is very likely to foul a 56mm objective bell. You might want to save a tad and purchase your own torch head - that saves me tying up funds and I save a little on P&P too. For anyone who doesn't know what an EVOLUTION torch is take a look, it's sold under various UK brands, this is from: Torchfactory.com
  14. Decent Digital Night Vision Spotter

    I thought I'd had my 'some bloke' spotters listed here but I seemingly forgot to do that so I have just listed these: http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/366474-home-built-digital-night-vision-pistol-grip-spotters/ Before you go there I'll point out that if you hunt alone on foot they are probably a bit too bulky for you. If you do your stuff from a truck the monitor can be left inside while you put the rest of it outside if you wish to use the extension cable.
  15. As I am now fully retired I will have more time on my hands for building night vision devices so I have reduced their prices by around 10% for 2017. I've had to start using names for my spotters now I have some varieties. This latest one is called a 'Pistol Grip spotter' and is available with a choice of lenses, integrated Infra Red illuminators, handles and mounts etc. I can supply it with a choice of C mount lenses: 50mm which is great for general rabbit and fox duty - or a 25mm lens for a wider field of view better suited to ratting ranges and the quarry being smaller on the screen. If no size is specified a 50mm lens will be supplied as default. The ergonomic pistol grip is a more manly hand sized than some I have seen, it has a lanyard loop in it and can be swapped for a tripod or a pan tilt suction mount. A 5" adjustable brightness monitor acts as a flip off lid to the electronics box that carries three USER SUPPLY FLAT TOP 18650 batteries: I don't supply batteries or chargers so the buyer doesn't need to return the spotter if a battery fails - and if one goes bang because he did something silly he won't be suing me either. Note the two press switches, one for the illuminator and one for the optics - they are very quiet and placed next to each other so they can be individually or collectively activated. Good quality low light cameras like the genuine KPC E700 have better low light performance than cheaper similar sounding one's. This is exploited by making it possible to use the spotter without the illuminator in fair to good moonlight circumstances, or fog for example, check out this video: This is how the box is opened for battery changing: Price for the basic integrated T50 IR spotter is now reduced to £200 collected or £213 posted RMSD. An optional extra 'Black Sun' IR pill can be supplied in the torch at £230 collected or £243 posted RMSD. I recommend this charger: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NITECORE-D4-LCD-INTELLICHARGER-18650-26650-IMR-UNIVERSAL-LIFEP04-BATTERY-CHARGER-/261586391328 And if you don't have an old laptop battery to get several 'free' 18650 batteries from, these are a good buy: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222204405077 Can be supplied with a pan and tilt suction mount for fitting to the windscreen or sunroof - with the monitor trailing into the car - please order it as a 'suction mount spotter' if you want this option, and indicate if you would like the switches and lens to the right or left side of the device for easier control from inside the truck by the driver or gate bitch Can also be supplied with this very upmarket handle/mini tripod (adds £25 to the price) please order it as a 'Tripod handle spotter' if you want this option: Fit to the spotter direct Or to the handle if you want some extra height while standing out of a sunroof or to look above some short grass etc.