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  1. goshawking719

    Shooting Vertically...

    Any tips or tricks to shooting vertically... Shooting horizontally I can fairly reliably hit a two pence sized target at ten meters... keeping anchor point and aim points the same shooting vertically I can't hit a barn door? And I don't understand why?!
  2. Working in fairly rural areas I do a lot of jobs like this, barn convertions etc. It always surprises me how far ulv can reach and how much off a difference cracking a window or opening a door to create some air flow can make to job.never had to resort to anything for cluster flies, bar residual insecticide around velux Windows.
  3. Pop the down lights out and ulv.
  4. goshawking719


    Gzk seems to last a lot longer than tbg in my opinion. Much faster but a harder draw. I wouldent go back to tbg after using this.
  5. goshawking719

    Dr5 Duster

    The metal rods out of the killgerm af boxes work well. Just bend the longest side straight. Always keep one with my wasp gear for when this happens
  6. goshawking719

    Old S410... What's It Worth?

    Any idea how I can donate to put a for sale thread up on here? On mobile.
  7. goshawking719

    Old S410... What's It Worth?

    Thanks for the reply and no i haven't advertised it yet as I didn't know what to ask . It seems to shoot straight so may be a good project gun for some one to tart up. I'll stick it up for £300 and see if I get any interest I think. Cheers
  8. I have a old, pre anti tamper s410 that I'm looking to sell. Recently been serviced and shot 14 rabbits on its first night out in several years last week. The barrel has bits of rust and the stock has several knocks and dings as it has been well used over the years. It's just a bit to long to shoot from either car window when out on your own(looking to replace with a ultra). So... what's it worth? I'm hoping around the £350 Mark or am I way off?
  9. goshawking719

    S410 Service Lancashire

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to call around a few of the local gun shops tommorow to see if any offer the service. I couldn't find much online regarding servicing, so was after recommendations really, if the turn around from air arms is only a week or so that may be worth a look! Although they would probably send it back looking at the state of it! Never lend a gun, lesson learnt
  10. goshawking719

    S410 Service Lancashire

    Can anyone recommend anyone to service my old air arms s410 in Lancashire (burnley)? It's sat unloved in the cabinet for a few years and seems to be leaking air out of the pressure gauge. Thanks Adam
  11. goshawking719

    New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    Haven't gone through all the posts do someone may of mentioned it but Id like a lamp with a removable battery. If they are running on 18650's would it be possible to have a hatch at the bottom to slide new batterys in and out? Carrying 2 spare 18650s in your pocket that can be swapped over in a few seconds (as you can with the led torches) would be a big selling point in my opinion.
  12. goshawking719

    Razor And Kim

    Pips razors litter brother. Not as strongly built as razor who was the better of the two brother's but he was still a very decent animal and the breedings there. What's the bitch?
  13. goshawking719

    Razor And Kim

    Snoopdog on here owns him but he doesn't come on that often. He isn't being put to any more bitches if that's what your after
  14. goshawking719

    Stoat In A Mole Trap

    Iv had enough of toads and frogs in traps this month, thanks to the CRRU code!
  15. goshawking719

    Stoat In A Mole Trap

    An unlucky fella in a stainless flat pack barrel trap, the stainless version seen almost too sensitive straight out of the box!