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  1. Corkman


    Is there rodesian ridgeback in them Shane?
  2. Corkman


    Need a lid on the barrels so the dog can heat a smaller space! Freeze their balls off in the middle of winter otherwise.
  3. Corkman

    Interesting Little Clip

    I can smell the talc from here
  4. Corkman


    As above and once it was firmly stated and agreed no pups would be sold on! If they person can't afford the overheads of rearing a litter people without have to charge others then they shouldn't be breeding in the first place - IMO. Works around here......
  5. Corkman

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Really nice
  6. Corkman

    Julian barnfield grass

    It is important not to miss the point. It's not the likes of those men above that are the problem and they are a rarity. It's generally only some with a twisted sense of hunting. But when you sit across the table from them and listen to their openly contradictory ole bluff it's fairly difficult to stomach. But at least their consistent as it's fair to say most foot hunters are thought of in the same way. Fact. It would be fairly pathetic of any hunter to gloat on the demise of another hunt discipline, but I bet those who get the bigger picture would feel it more than those with narrow minded views. And yes Liam. Tom Barry is a legend.
  7. Corkman

    Julian barnfield grass

    It's only "some" of these lads are like ole Julian. Everyone shouldn't be tarred with the same brush. Many are decent enough characters dispite their posh accents and most wouldn't know a dogs head from its arse. But usually the lads that are more vocal are the Julian "type". If the Julian types played fair and were honest with themselves they might realise with utter clowns there really are and the damage they "try" to do to us all. I'm not sure who is worse? The Julian's, Facebook heroes or Antis?
  8. Corkman

    Julian barnfield grass

    Typical stinking attitude of "some" hunt supporters. Seen and heard it all. The foxes are all belong to them.... their quarry. Strangely enough the farmers who's land they ride over think otherwise when having to deal with these pests. Blame everyone else and happily chuck them under the bus. These clowns are equally as bad as the ANTI's. Fools fools fools. Do they even realise they are out to "try" to stop us all! Shooting, fishing, coursing, lamping, terrierwork including bushing, ferreting, hawking, etc...... Julian should be ashamed and having a name like that too ......
  9. Corkman

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Saw this fella while out walking dogs today! Must be one of those big cork white dogs
  10. Corkman

    New Season In France

    After a closer look at the photo that is one thirsty looking lad in the hole! Nothing like sharing a dig, a drink and some craic with friends.
  11. Corkman

    The Fox

    I stand corrected. Fox and the orchid.
  12. Corkman

    The Fox

    Fox in the Orchard. Good perspective on most things.
  13. Corkman

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Am I reading this right? They paid the thieves 5k for stealing their own dogs?
  14. Corkman

    What Is A Cork White Terrier

    An oversized mongrel afraid of the dark with too much bull in the mix, no nose, a Sealyham which was a white Lakeland with dachshund x, and throw in a red fell and some mini-bull, sold to the highest bidder.
  15. Corkman

    Cork Stuff

    They are crap. Enough said.