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  1. Line breeding

    Aunt/Nephew works well. Father daughter too close too fast. Unless I was badly stuck I wouldn't or like some in too much of a hurry and know sweet FA about breeding or other animals in the line.
  2. New Season In France

    After a closer look at the photo that is one thirsty looking lad in the hole! Nothing like sharing a dig, a drink and some craic with friends. 👍🍾
  3. The Fox

    I stand corrected. Fox and the orchid. 👍
  4. The Fox

    Fox in the Orchard. Good perspective on most things.
  5. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Am I reading this right? They paid the thieves 5k for stealing their own dogs?
  6. What Is A Cork White Terrier

    An oversized mongrel afraid of the dark with too much bull in the mix, no nose, a Sealyham which was a white Lakeland with dachshund x, and throw in a red fell and some mini-bull, sold to the highest bidder.
  7. Cork Stuff

    They are crap. Enough said.
  8. Absolutely Heartbroken

    Sad to loose a pup by accident like that. Not sure after a pup dying by accident after getting hit by a car why you would question how you could kill something now? Pests need controlling and the countryside needs to be managed. The alternative is snaring, poison, trying to catch with not more than 2 hounds or shooting? Controlling with terriers to me is the most humane control technique. Terriers and terrierwork can be a tough game without accidents. If it's for you get another but take your time and go after the best of breeding you can possibly get and watch out for spoofers as wasting nearly 2 years on a dog not work would break my heart even more.
  9. White Terrier For Sale

    Brilliant. Does ginger come with the terrier to clean the kennels? Wouldn't be the only ginger that keeps white dogs I suppose. 😉😁
  10. Bit strange putting up photos of other people's dogs? Do you work terriers????
  11. Show Us Your White Dog's

    OJ, was the Sire Rambo not Robot by any chance? Nice dogs. Were they the two pups that I brought over in my jeep with SB to the welsh years back?
  12. Classified Information

    Interesting read. Funny how the money has gone through the roof for some these days? Nuttal Patterdales had a guarantee to work or money back!
  13. BBC Panorama tonight at .m about the RSPCA. It will be interesting if the truth comes out?
  14. Medication

    The Vet.
  15. Pups

    Real nice