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  1. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I wouldn't have a clue about putting pics up....
  2. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I see a lot of the litter bro to your bitch.. he’s turned out into a good dog and plenty vocal
  3. Hunting days USA

    Antiseptic is the word your looking for......
  4. Make Your Own Tools Thread.

    Bit of a bummer all the pics are down mate......
  5. Dodgy guts?

    49 socks !! I always took you to be a lot younger than that judging by your posts.
  6. Shooting grounds near Watford

    Broomhills up the road, couple of junctions up the m1 , on the a5 between Dunstable and St Albans ..
  7. Buzzed by an Apache !

    "yank base camp greysteel" do you mean bondsteel ?
  8. uk wild boar distribution

    They've been a few sighting last year in beds....
  9. Staffy Bull

    Is that the one blackjack judged ?
  10. 😂 see his doppelgänger in mac e des this morning
  11. Dodgy guts?

    Does it really matter if one takes longer ? !
  12. My name is Lenny..

    There was a link on boxrec a while back re.. cc😉
  13. Holidays next year.

    Mexico... again..!
  14. Conor mcgregor

    Let's see....Just seen a clip of Conor calling em out saying "come and get me , come and get me "
  15. He had a lot more money before the edl days ......