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    Shooting (air rifle & shotgun), Trapping, Snaring, Beating.

    I am more of a trapping 'enthusiast' than any sort of expert but particularly enjoying making traps and working out new designs.

    There are a lot of people on here with much more practical experience in trapping and snaring.
  1. Goodnature Trap

    No we have not got it wrong. It is approved for Stoat and Rat in England under the 2015 STAO variation. “Goodnature A24 Rat and Stoat Trap manufactured by or under the authority of Goodnature Limited, 4-12 Cruickshank Street, Kilbirnie 6022, Wellington, New Zealand. The trap may be used only for the purpose of killing stoats and rats. ”; http://faolex.fao.org/docs/pdf/uk146000.pdf
  2. Working on something with him yes
  3. See Saw Trap??

    Well done TC. The two I was thinking of are http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/9243-squirrel-trap/ and this one, but unfortunately most of it seems to be missing http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/10886-see-saw-trap/ you might also find this helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6geHi4m97o cheers John
  4. See Saw Trap??

    Somewhere on here there should be a couple of good threads on seesaw traps from about 10 years ago But no they don't need baiting
  5. Long Awaited......

    I only have to look at the picture and I hear the rain
  6. Squirrel Cage Springs

    Oh it's the extension springs you need ? Not torsion ones. These are about 150mm so if you only want 90mm they're really easy to cut down. Just cut through with a pair of snips and then bend the first complete right out to 90 degrees If you could get away with 75mm you could get two out of each. https://www.fourteenacre.co.uk/shop/pair-extension-springs-long/
  7. I know there's a thread running on the trapping section on this but I thought it worth a shout here too. Glenn Waters is a man who knows snaring inside out and in this new book he shares the knowledge and experience which can only come from a lifetime of rabbit snaring. Very much in Glenn’s own style, Professional Rabbit Snaring has been compiled from a large box of his original articles, hand drawn illustrations and photographs. It is probably the largest concentration of rabbit snaring advice ever to be put into print. Over twenty nine chapters the book covers a wide range of topics including :- Snare size and placement, options for hard and soft ground, adapting to conditions, the peg snaring sequence, exploiting boundaries, problems on the snareline, tools for snaring and the making of your own snares. Whether you are new to snaring, a successful snarer or a frustrated amateur there is sure to be information here that will help you achieve better catches. Softback: 328 pages A4 214 Illustrations ISBN-13: 978-0-9558535-3-1 Size: 297mm x 208mm x 17mm https://www.fourteenacre.co.uk/shop/professional-rabbit-snaring-glenn-waters/
  8. Long Awaited......

    That got there quick then !
  9. Long Awaited......

    OK, they're here now and have started shipping out.
  10. Trappers Hammer

    Excellent, glad you've found something that suits you.
  11. Trappers Hammer

    Unfortunately we haven't had any of these for ages. We bought up about 300 that were end of line stock and now they're all gone. Game and Country had them from us so that is likely to be a dead end too John @ Fourteenacre
  12. Mink Police

    The MINKPOLICE trap-monitor is IP67 tested (waterproof down to one meter).
  13. Mink Police

    When I looked into this last year Three Pay as you go https://www.three.co.uk/Support/Free_SIM/Order It charges 1p per data transfer. This leaves you with 60p communication cost per month (assuming two daily notifications). Additionally, you would have to pay 2p per text messages.
  14. Mink Police

    It was developed in Denmark where they can have traps out at long distances, too far to be practical to check every day. It has been used extensively in this country already in the Scottish Islands as part of their mink trapping program. Again the same issue, too much ground to cover and not enough people and it would seem that in that scenario it has been excepted as the daily legal check. This is because it sends a signal twice a day to confirm that it is still active and untriggered, so there is a failsafe. In most of the UK I see it having a relatively limited trapping application - just situations where you really want to know as soon as possible when your trap has caught. Something like a fox cage in a sensitive semi-public area. The real benefit as I see it is being able to remotely monitor all sorts of rural assets, like stables or out buildings. Knowing when someone opens a gate in the middle of the night.
  15. Not necessarily true. Suppose for the sake of argument I went to a manufacturer, gave them a bmi 116 and asked them to produce me one 'as cheaply as possible'. What I would end up with might very well look the same but it certainly wouldn't perform the same and not give the same humane results. Now I am NOT saying that all other makes of bgrip are rubbish - that would be nonsense but there clearly does need to be some form of test applied. The way things stand at the moment are that either a) you submit it and get DEFRA to test it for you or b ) YOU test it against one that has been Defra tested and approved. Their test is a first hand test of humaneness. Your test would have to be a technical test of equivalence. Ofcourse if it does meet the equivalence test and passes as a 'clone' how the hell is that not a breach of patent ?