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    Ferreting to purse nets long nets and to shotguns
    Lamping with the .22 rimfire and the FAC airarms S410 air rifle also like pigeon shooting wildfowling and a bit of ratting when possible also like fishing

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  1. One from last year

    Great pictures mate looks like your way up in the clouds there? Lovely views once you've got your breath back though 😅😅
  2. Not many but a good day out.

    That's not a bad number at all mate the most important thing is you all had a good day out and got a few for the pot as well what more can we want. Well done lads 👍👍👍
  3. Double bow back ferret box

    Does look a nice well made box I know where to come now when our one's finally give up the ghost
  4. old basil..

    Thank god these old practices are left where they need to be in the past!! The old fella seemed like quite a character though there were a lot of old boys like this around when I started ferreting in the early 70s and they were interesting to listen to like the famous jack Hargreaves loved the programme out of town
  5. Pickled Shallots

    Hi Micky tried the recepie you gave me for these shallots just waiting till Xmas now so I can taste one.
  6. Wild boar

    Got a nice wild boar haunch what's the best way to cook it without drying it out and shrinking it to much?? Any ideas please don't want to ruin it
  7. What are you feeding yours?

    As said above rabbit squirrel and feather best if possible. We do give ours more kibble is the hight of the summer due to the flies. If we have a Jill with Kitts we give them fur and feather and remove the carcass first thing in the morning. Not that there is Not a lot left with 8 hungry Kitts THEY ARE PURE EATING MACHINES
  8. Lost

    I agree it is mind bending when sites are 1st changed i.e. Banks forums etc but with time you do get used to em slowly. The trouble is I'm so slow by the time I've sussed it out it's time to update the site again. Technology moves faster than I ever can
  9. first time out

    Another great pic well done lads 👍👍👍
  10. Out with the youngsters

    Great write up love seeing this type of post the young lad looks pleased as punch with himself and so he should. They are the future of our sport WELL DONE LAD
  11. Ferret housing during winter

    It's the heat that's a killer to ferrets not the cold blueboybilly As said plenty of straw in the cage or court facing out of the wind this combined with there winter coat they will be fine and can cope with quite extreme cold. In the summer the opposite change betting to wood shavings keep cage in shade if poss if not face the back of the cage to the sun
  12. 1 Down 3 to go

    That's the way to do it mate think everyone can benefit from adding a bit of new blood to their line of ferrets now and again. Try and strive to get the best workers!!
  13. Lost

    Hi Ian ahhh that makes sense now. Thanks for that thought I was having a blonde moment. The trouble is I was born in the early sixties And can use a pc But only just I'm one of them blokes that my kids say WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW 😂
  14. 1 Down 3 to go

    That's good news we get a lot of ferret Kitts over in the uk that end up in rescue centres etc every year cos there are a minority of ferret keepers that breed cos they think they are worth money or think you have to breed the Jill's. Don't think to use Jill jab or vasectomised hob etc. My motto is if you don't need any Kitts or don't know how your going to re home them then don't breed your Jill that year. Use one of the other methods to take the Jill out of season. This prevents loads of unwanted Kitts that end up in rescue centres or even worse not looked after properly. SORRY about the belly ache but I feel very passionate about this subject. GOOD luck with the Kitts sirblessed hope you get some good workers from them
  15. 1 Down 3 to go

    Nice Kitts good news you have got homes for most of them already