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    Ferreting to purse nets long nets and to shotguns
    Lamping with the .22 rimfire and the FAC airarms S410 air rifle also like pigeon shooting wildfowling and a bit of ratting when possible also like fishing

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  1. Footrot

    Had ferrets for nearly 40 yrs never had this problem!! Sorry can't help yer mate
  2. One short of a dozen....

    Nice post well done mate
  3. Out & About

    Good lad another future hunter in the making
  4. Out & About

    Another good bit of footage mate maybe the lad will take a interest in rabbiting!!
  5. First time ferreting

    Nice post mate your now hooked like the rest of us!! loved it from the 1st time I went whilst bunking off school I might add to the present day 39 yrs later it's a great way to enjoy a few hours out
  6. Hessian bags compared to carry box

    Have used sacks many moons ago but would never use one now ferts to open to injury and weather in sacks
  7. Back out

    Love the pic of the ferret covered in mud great shot!!!
  8. just nice to be out and about

    Nice post mate glad you had a nice day out. Personally love the Bew's iv had some good uns over the years
  9. Ferreting available

    Hi there ferreting now gone to a HL member happy hunting
  10. Ferreting available

    If anyone is interested in doing some ferreting in arundel West Sussex message me asap Iv injured my hip and to be honest haven't got time to have a look at it
  11. Couple of hours with little lad

    Great write up and photos mate the young lad looks keen as mustard? Good on him
  12. Whats

    Who's white and wears tartan trousers???? Rupert the fridge what weighs 2 ton and pulls a sleigh???? Rudolf the red nosed rhino
  13. A bit of this & that

    As always nice video mate!!
  14. I like to keep in shape!! Round is my shape

  15. paper or wood shavings

    So right there the one used straw once for the bedding and my ferret court and ferrets ended up riddled with ticks and with 2 large sheds and a aviary it was a nightmare to get rid of them. Never used straw again. Use dust free shavings for the floor and shredded paper for the bed in the winter. We keep between 12 & 15 ferrets all the time and never had a single problem since. Each to there own