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  1. Wheatens

    still some nice shaped EBTs around mate.
  2. Wheatens

    needed a bit of bull in them to make them game ?
  3. Wheatens

    pure stock 40 years a go, wheaten cross bull now lol.......only joking gang.
  4. Wheatens

    i reckon hudson hasnt either lol
  5. Wheatens

    lets see a photo of it then.
  6. Wheatens

    who the f*ck would want a dog like that. dont sound like a working dog, more like a wild animal.
  7. Wheatens

    ive been looking in to working wheatens on the net, there seems to be bull terrier blood in them. so should the working wheaten be classed as "wheaten type" ?
  8. Wheatens

    thanks. must have been some tough dogs in them days.
  9. Wheatens

    what is the definition of a strong dog ? is it a dog that drew a badger from a set ?
  10. Wheatens

    nice size head on that mate
  11. Wheatens

    be nice to see a photo when she matures mate. will you work it ?
  12. Wheatens

    nice wheaten mate.
  13. Future X Maybe

    you lost though
  14. What Is A Cork White Terrier

    looks like every one knows as much as me about cork terriers, fu*k all haha.
  15. ive heard a lot about these on the forum. are they russells, or cross russells, or russells with a touch of sealyham in ? the photos ive seen would suggest a lot of russell in the breeding.