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  1. Only one ???

    rat, fast and furious fun.
  2. Alabama rot

    went for a walk with the dog Sunday in a well known nature reserve in Shropshire, there was a sign saying two cases of dogs had got alabama rot since xmas and both had died. put the dog back in the car and went home. seems to me that there will be more cases before the government takes any notice. makes you wonder where all the dog loving antis are ? they should be going mad about this and petitioning the government.
  3. 40 pound foxes.

    40 pound fox's, one for the wheaten thread lol.
  4. if someone tried to get in my house, all i need is a dog to bark and wake me up. the hard bit i would do lol. if someone broke in when im not at home and stole then it it can be replaced.
  5. Advice on Food

    i agree, just need a bit of road work to condition his muscles and he would look good. doesn't need to lose to much weight, hes got some good bone on him.
  6. Advice on Food

    longer walks might knock a few pounds off him.
  7. Bedlingtons

    nice dogs topper.
  8. Wheatens

    its a wonder no one has crossed a kc wheaten with a bull/staff and sold them on as a working wheaten lol.
  9. Wheatens

    haha, like it
  10. Wheatens

    all the best with the pup mate. after reading about them on this thread they seem to be not for the feint hearted.
  11. I didn't know..............

    i know about 4 families by me who have patterdales as pet dogs and all they do is moan about them. barking, digging the garden, biting the furniture etc. should have got a labrador.
  12. Wheatens

    still some nice shaped EBTs around mate.
  13. Wheatens

    needed a bit of bull in them to make them game ?
  14. Wheatens

    pure stock 40 years a go, wheaten cross bull now lol.......only joking gang.
  15. Wheatens

    i reckon hudson hasnt either lol