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  1. The Detectorists

    not a bad show
  2. Back..

    wasnt me but i heard someone banging away over there today
  3. Back..

    been getting out quite often on the pigeons mate, been getting a few aswell theres a lot of ferals on that field at the minute mate
  4. Back..

    alright ruby hows it going ?? are you back down in the pool now, do you know a lad called jamie from over bishop cuthbert he as a uncle called graham. i was talking to him a few weeks back when i was shooting pigeons on the big field opposite sainsburys.
  5. Barley Stubble Shooting

    some nice shots there
  6. Jackdaws

    seen a load yesterday dropping in a wheat field, tjey hammering it
  7. Birds "please Add Yours"

    them osprey shots are excellent bill, well done
  8. Nice Look Out

    lovely fish that, well done
  9. Hobby's

    very good
  10. Banger Ropes

    things are good here to mate
  11. Banger Ropes

    still manage to knock a few down though hows it going mate ??