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  1. Hn Field Target Trophy

    Thanks ive ordered a couple tins they were hard to find in .52 in the uk
  2. Hn Field Target Trophy

    Just got my r10 back after a blueprint tune and it seems to like the hn field target trophy pellets. Anyone know where i can get these in 177 but a 4.52 all i can find is 4.50. Thanks
  3. Is This A Good Buy ?

    I got that same one last week with ups 48hr delivery. Landed day after from france... cant argue with that
  4. Few Pointers As To What Pellet

    Thanks lads some good folk on here atb
  5. I have a mk2 bsa 10 super carbine in 177.. anyone know were to start as to what pellets to try
  6. Last 3 Bull X Pups

  7. Last 3 Bull X Pups

    Sire and dam
  8. Last 3 pups sire 26" 5/8 3/8 bull x Dam is 25" 1/4 bull 1/8 collie and the rest grey. Both work day, lamp and with terrier. Pups are ready now in west cumbria £150 all dog pups
  9. Two William Hobson Prints

    Terrier one now sold
  10. Lurcher Pups

    Pups are ready 4th may
  11. Two William Hobson Prints

    £50 each of pair for £90 im west cumbria will not post these as they will only end up broken
  12. Lurcher Pups

  13. Lurcher Pups

    Sire and dam.
  14. Lurcher Pups

  15. Lurcher Pups