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  1. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    There a great pack, I got a pup from him 2 years ago, I'm very happy with him. The best teckel I have.
  2. Earth Dog Running Dog yet?

    Has anyone got this month's yet? It's usually here by now.
  3. Simply loveleh

    Some rough stuff doing the rounds
  4. Simply loveleh

    Plenty in the tank sir, plenty in the tank
  5. Mission successful...a promise honoured..

    I bought long net poles from Robin Tarrant a few times through the magnum trap company, he seemed a very nice guy and was top class and hassle free in any dealings we had... It is heart warming to read that he had friend to trust with his dog at the end of his time. I'm sure he'll get a genuine home.
  6. Sunday morning raking

    They are brilliant, little fookers can squeeze in anywhere, I used to take my father springers on this ground but they couldn't get half the places the Teckels can reach
  7. land rover defender 70th edition

    As daft and expensive as they are they will still probably sell
  8. Does anyone know when Misertons stopped trading?
  9. Harris hawks and stoats

    Nice catch....great photo
  10. Sunday morning raking

    There good craic, I've never had a mink, not many round here....ill have to try further afield in the spring
  11. Sunday morning raking

    Collie whippet grey
  12. Some people

    I've never been able to understand the dog swapper mentality... There's a lad local to me...bull cross for sale, will swap for rabbit dog...next week, rabbit dog for sale will swap for terrier...then he's looking for a whippet, week after he's swapping it for hound pups and has them for sale three days later... The dogs don't get to stay long, although I did see how he keeps them and it's probably just as well...
  13. Sunday morning raking

    Thanks pal, they do catch the very odd one now and again...the one getting through the wire usually, he loves the bushing
  14. Sunday morning raking