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  1. bluetooth question

    You want a Jongo Scothunter, that will allow you to work the two together, Its got Caskeid which allows multi bluetooth
  2. Cruciate ligament damage.

    In any case, your vet is TOP NOTCH....If he cant do anything with it, nobody will
  3. Your Autobiography......

    If I could turn back time!
  4. Seasons Tv France

    Does anyone know where you can watch this online? Theres a documentary on their site I want to watch but I dont know how or where I can - The only thing on the site is a small clip about the programme
  5. Biothane Collars

    I got some biothane couplers and other stuff from a guy on ebay called dogbitz, seems good enough so far
  6. Getting Scratches Off Glasses Lens

    Toothpaste is supposed to work as it's an abrasive but I haven't tried it
  7. 14 Point Red Stag Antlers

    This guy is only trying to sell a set of antlers, he's getting some nonsense!
  8. Ferrets Sh!tting Everywhere

    There not too cold, I just dont like the ferrets running about on wire, not comfortable for them
  9. Ferrets Sh!tting Everywhere

    I do that everytime, makes no difference
  10. Tooth Issue

    My old bitch took two teeth out striking a stone she and I both thought was a squatter - And already had some missing, never held her back
  11. Ferrets Sh!tting Everywhere

    Some young ones I got this year do the same...Its a nuisance and they run through it and its stuck their fur, they look like there not looked after at all, and Im cleaning the buggers all the time. The older ones in a different court just use one corner, nice and clean
  12. Home Brewing

    They look good, although it was only the rubber seals I changed, the swing top on most of those bottles lasts a lifetime
  13. Home Brewing

    the coopers irish stout it really nice if made with spraymalt instead of sugar.yes its spot on I have done this with brewing sugar instead of normal white sugar its very tasty, I bottled there stout, and kegged a bitter, am going to get some in for Xmas, trying to get some flip top bottles Aldi are doing a beer festival....loads of beers in flip top bottles.... buying em full of beer works out a few quid more expensive than buying em empty!!!! I'd a batch of cider go manky on me once upon a time. Swing top bottles, I figure the seals (first use) weren't doing their job. On opening if you didn't get a good POP! you knew it was mank. Got a capper after that and didn't look back. Get as many empty bottles down the local as you can handle. The Home Brew websites sell replacement seals for the swing tops - I came across a load of Grolsch bottles a few years ago and I washed them up and sterilised them but the seals were gone and I saw them on a website, only a few bob for a 100 - Job done.
  14. Home Brewing

    I brew quite a lot, mostly beer now but do the odd wine and sometimes I ferment straight wash to 20%, clear it and add a flavour, the best I've found is Cuban rum essence which costs about 2.50 and will you a 750cl bottle of good tasting 20% rum "style" which tastes good with a drop of coke and ice and less than £4 for a 750cl. Average beer works out about 35p a pint and if you go a bit more upmarket maybe 45p. It's enjoyable and commercial beer tastes like piss when you make your own proper stuff because that's exactly what it is. Commercial breweries churn out some real crap, Budweiser are very disappointed now they have to write on the label what it's made from......RICE. Check the small print on the front....no more America's finest hops and barley...Vietnams cheapest rice.
  15. Rear Leg Flick

    My bitch has a slight flick in the rear leg but she broke her hock and had it pinned