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  1. land rover defender 70th edition

    As daft and expensive as they are they will still probably sell
  2. Does anyone know when Misertons stopped trading?
  3. Harris hawks and stoats

    Nice catch....great photo
  4. Sunday morning raking

    There good craic, I've never had a mink, not many round here....ill have to try further afield in the spring
  5. Sunday morning raking

    Collie whippet grey
  6. Some people

    I've never been able to understand the dog swapper mentality... There's a lad local to me...bull cross for sale, will swap for rabbit dog...next week, rabbit dog for sale will swap for terrier...then he's looking for a whippet, week after he's swapping it for hound pups and has them for sale three days later... The dogs don't get to stay long, although I did see how he keeps them and it's probably just as well...
  7. Sunday morning raking

    Thanks pal, they do catch the very odd one now and again...the one getting through the wire usually, he loves the bushing
  8. Sunday morning raking

  9. A few more pics

    The fourth is a hanger
  10. Sunday morning raking

    The Cork man climbs up the wire and falls through!
  11. Sunday morning raking

    I had the Lurchers and my teckels out on Sunday through some cover, lovely morning it was too...very frosty with a bit of fog in the air...cant beat the noise of a few germans breaking the morning silence after a few rabbits!
  12. A few more pics

    Fantastic photos, really well done
  13. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    His advert always says, no withheld numbers....fookers must be doing his head in!!!
  14. Various Nets


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have a few nets gathering dust - 1 x 100yrd Quick Set in basket - 4z with Fibreglass poles and grommets, good condition - £100 posted anywhere 1 x 100yrd Quick Set in basket - 6z with Fibreglass poles & grommets, good condition - £100 posted anywhere 1 x 50yrd Quikset (No Basket) - 8z with heavy duty Fibreglass poles & grommets, good condition - £65.00 posted anywhere 1 x 150yrd Traditional Hemp Net, hand knitted on nylon running lines and large end pins / crooks, very old net but good condition and no tears or rips - £150 posted