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  1. Half cross bull greyhound

    Seen some really nice bull bloods, fabulously made critters with a sane and sensible temperament,..dogs that I would be proud to own. As a purist moucher and rabbit hunter, such a terrific physically gifted canine would be a bit of a waste on me, but I do believe they are far more trainable than folk might at first suppose. Perhaps not as readily tractable, as the selectively bred herding breeds, but as a type, the various bull breeds are certainly not thick or anything like that. I guess I'll never own one now, but, "If I was a young man,..da, da, da, do"...

    "Honesty is a good attribute in a man..."
  3. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Personally,...I like a genuine half cross, one that can run like the Greyhound and has thinkers like the Herder... A lot of dogs that claim to have Collie blood, exhibit very little sheepdog intelligence or tractability, and I often wonder,..'What was the fecking point"?
  4. Some lurchers can be extremely versatile... I believe a canny lurcher would be capable of finding a deer,..dead or alive...
  5. A bit of cover

    The Working Lurcher truly is,... a 'Jack of all Trades, Master of None" If you kept a different breed of dog for every eventuality,..you would need a kennel full of jukels.. I'll settle for less than perfection,...I only ask,..." just give it a try Shep", that'll do nicely...

    Traps bedded in,..now we wait,...best of luck...
  7. A bit of cover

    I don't ever send my dogs into cover,...it is always their call...
  8. A bit of cover

    Sometimes a rabbit will be sitting up, safe and sound, just in the mouth of a burrow. A keen dog will not know this until he breaks the bush, mine often flash into cover, only to just miss the rabbit as it gets to ground. As has been stated, it is an important attribute of a ConeyCatcher...
  9. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    The old "Bolt or Die", philosophy eh... Can't say fairer than that
  10. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Wise words there Vin... When I packed in the rabbiting job (some ten years ago) I let most of my old line of working ferrets go to various folk,...I never envisioned needing them again. Then,...slowly but surely,..the hunting life drew me back in,...I tried to walk away, but I just couldn't. It was only when I started going around with other guys and watching their stock in action,.. that I realized what I had given away... There are Plumbers and there are Plumbers,...and there are ferrets,..and there are ferrets...
  11. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Your Hobs have the blood of the old ConyCatcher line, flowing through their veins Their sleek and agile Dam has worked exclusively, amidst the chalk and flint of the Southern Downlands... I'm sure that you'll be reet....
  12. Cruciate ligament damage.

    IF it is a genuine snap Peter,...it is not a good prognosis....
  13. Mooching with kids and dog

    Fabulous picture...
  14. First taste of feather ....

    Go for it, whenever you catch an edible., get that curry pot going,...you know it makes sense...
  15. Raw diet

    Raw is so natural, its gotta be right...