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  1. Weed ;)

    Marc Emery had on of the largest collection of seeds ever , I read somewhere , 😎 was always going too end up a cannabis millionaire unlike most he has payed the price and deserves his slice Reefer Madness , one watch these days says it all, the world was such and innocent place , "mind the darkies n there wacky baccy n jungle music" was the tone of the day , moral outrage (direct from a country fresh off banning alcohol, thus gifting organised crime a foothold in america') directed at the whole world , whilst all the time they where plotting too profit from banning a plant everyone had use off prior too there ban , now it's come a full circle , thankfully , middle Britain needs reducating asap as their vote is essential , a lot swings on their vote, the youth vote already more or less guaranteed , even the liberals made it an election issue in a pathetic attempt too gain some ground , it's coming that's fir certain cheques in the post
  2. Weed ;)

    Butter infused with weed n hash then used fudge recipe on carnation website n topped with dairy milk n nestle munchies 😂
  3. Weed ;)

    Transfer too slow cooker , heat fir 8/12 hrs, then strain mixture into container and put in fridge , once cold seperate butter from water
  4. Weed ;)

    Cont ,, add butter n water n mix in pan
  5. Weed ;)

    Making chocolate covered canna fudge medibles
  6. Weed ;)

    Canna medicaps
  7. Weed ;)

    This particular 'The Black hand grenade' weighed 7,4g perfect weight for 45 capsules , that allow a young woman more freedom than 1.2k worth of medication (non script prices, ie non subsidised ) per month has failed too do so , waste of tax payers money , real cost ? A bit of time leccys and weed that cost about 2.10 too produce (if that) or in retail price about 60 quid add in jar of coconut oil, caps n capping board £25 , no more than £100 , could be done for pence if they used GW stock grown by sugar company, needless suffering , total waste of taxpayers money , it's was there all the time and it was free more or less , seen BBC programme last night , bit silly letting them consume too much though on the edible front, I suppose it breaks it too middle Britain in a polite manner after force feeding them lies for years
  8. Weed ;)

    UK Blueberry ,
  9. Weed ;)

  10. Weed ;)

  11. Weed ;)

    Some bits I found this week Euro Star hashish 100g , green poison and some Blonde Hash
  12. Weed ;)

    Looks a nice tidy unit that DC, just the job the solo was great, but aping just aint for me, in fact my chest worse with it that it is with plenty green n pinch of cig tobacco, its guts me I cant get on with vaping as Id make my own juice , but likesay its just not me, never liked pipes buckets, bongs , always preferred plain old joints, worse luck for me, mind using capsules and edibles helps me reduce my smoking quiet a lot
  13. Boxing At The Weekend...

    watched an interview with Hearn and he was on about American boxing/boxers, how they don't fight as much as they should or could be, match making is very slow out there, Errol Spence jr was an example he used, real good win for him against Brook, but he hasn't exactly kept up the memento with a home show this year, , don't think he due back in ring until 2018. which is some serious time off after a fight he hardly broke sweat in, I'm praying that Fury comes back and gets couple of decent break back in fights to ease him into the fray, am sure David Haye would only be too glad to fulfil his wish to destroy Fury, saying he manages too find his way through Bellew first, (which I'm sure he wont lol), but it cant wait too long as you say anyone could beat anyone of them in one single punch, I always think of McCall v Lewis fight, any of these guys have that shot about them.
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Poverty after having a taste of the big time should well be enough incentive , then there's the actual loss itself of the titles , respect , adoration etc ending up a laughing stock sat at rock bottom One thing I will say for him he can always find a smile or have a laugh , rock bottoms likely the best place for him cos it's there he might rediscover the hunger , desire , call it what you want , if he can't find it there he ain't ever going too , if he does then hopefully he will climb back out the black hole he jumped into , he ain't been beaten and is a very capable fighter when he is focused, the very fact he chatting too Hearn shows he is serious , it's all their layed on for him , it's the biggest fight out there , it don't even need any belts too sell it He only has himself too beat first , he a lot of things Tyson but he is honest lad that's for certain , am sure he gunna do it for himself his wife kids n Uncle Best of luck too him boxing better with him than with out him end of story
  15. Weed ;)

    Portable vape I'd go for Arizer Solo 2, purpose made for green also hash bowl , purpose designed exceptionally well built, too be fair there's loads of good ones about now Cannabis vape is good idea but can come expensive and supply can be ropey for most people Make capsules or edibles from weed you buy that way no smoking no outlay on vapes cos they never cheap , saves ya condition getting worse too , look on you tube recipes for coconut oil caps n canna butter too bake stuff with