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  1. stealthy1


    Seen quite a few lately, fledglings are every were here, you can see the Magpies hopping around in small groups, chicks and an adult.
  2. stealthy1


    Looks like a one colour GSD.
  3. stealthy1

    can any one

    Make your own Mac, it's only a bit of 5mm Ally, use your grinder to get a rough shape, and polish it up.
  4. stealthy1

    Hatsan Gladius????

    You pay your money, you make your choice.
  5. stealthy1

    Action man

    Rainbow Pride Man with detailed anal parts, pierced nipples, and a cock ring.
  6. stealthy1

    Who is pie eater.

    Bet the anti's love this, bugle blowers.
  7. stealthy1

    Barbed wire

    Get your dog used to the land in the daytime and then take him out at night.
  8. stealthy1

    Couple of days at woodgas

    Did you liberate any thing from Woodga's shed this time?
  9. stealthy1

    Parker vs Joshua

  10. stealthy1


    2 coats of white outdoor gloss, reflects heat in the Summer, and water proof all year long, two coats every year and your sound.
  11. stealthy1

    Fence snaring rabbits

    The shine wont make any difference once it's round the rabbits neck. I've set new snares during sunny days, and on the walk back, picked up the odd rabbit.
  12. stealthy1


    Mac was looking for a long barrel 100 to match a stock that he bought a while ago.
  13. Need the weather to break, my Mrs is going ape, no window sill is with out seed trays or pots.
  14. stealthy1

    Parker vs Joshua

    What a fix, the ref was in Hearns pocket, you could see the smug look on Hearns face when he told the reporter that he couldn't understand why Parker wouldn't fight on the inside, and the tape thing was staged in case AJ got tagged, revnue over boxing skill, I'm suporting Wilder next time round, I hate cheats.
  15. HW100KT, you'll never look back.