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  1. Whats The Best Boot

    the extreme cold weather boots are lowa and are excellentA lot of my mates bought, these they aren't made by Lowa and the eyelets all pulled out after a few weeks of use.im on my second pair after ten years and not had any problems At all they even have a vibram sole and they’re the same as my mates Lowas Yes they look like Lowas but aren't made by them. My mate used to work in the stores and get them all the time. I know about half a dozen lads had them and the eyelets pulled out of the leather. Glad yours were ok.
  2. Whats The Best Boot

    These ones http://www.altberg.co.uk/product/moorland-extreme-boot/ lovely and comfortable, but leaked. I also tried the Black islander Scratchless boots and they leaked too. Both these boots have the Simpatex lining instead of the Goretex.
  3. Whats The Best Boot

    the extreme cold weather boots are lowa and are excellent A lot of my mates bought, these they aren't made by Lowa and the eyelets all pulled out after a few weeks of use.
  4. Whats The Best Boot

    I had Altbergs they leaked the first week I wore them and that was just in heavy dew. I sent them back they tested them and agreed that they were leaking and refunded my money. I don't know why they don't use goretex.
  5. Here you go http://www.kennelstore.co.uk/shop/dog-cabins
  6. Pallet Timber Hutch

    Very nice job Terry it looks built to last.
  7. Goshawk Tail Feathers

    you have a pm
  8. Falconry Experience Needed In Northants

    Seen plenty of them over the years, Robinhood falconers we used to call them. All the kit but can't fly the bird as she's too fat, only brought her along for the manning! Without a doubt the best falconers in the field are those that were involved in other fieldsports before they got involved with the birds.
  9. Falconry Experience Needed In Northants

    No problem if ever you are down this way I will sort you a day on some very good ground.
  10. Falconry Experience Needed In Northants

    As has already been said find out where your nearest club is and contact them ,I'm sure someone would take you out. You could join the International Falconry Forum and ask on there. If you were closer I would give you a day out rabbit hawking.
  11. Harris Hawk First Moult

    I'm sure it will be ideal for what you want it for Nav my mate uses one on a spar. Its very easy to use. Sorry to huntingman for going off topic on his thread! I have never noticed any difference in the length of their moults. Some seasons it seems quicker than others but who knows why,
  12. Harris Hawk First Moult

    That's it Nav you never know! I wouldn't go for the Tiny Loc definitely the Marshall but if that's all you can stretch to would have to be second hand and make sure that you get the correct size for feather.... if you know what I mean, small world, isn't it!
  13. Harris Hawk First Moult

    Hi again I see on the IFF that you fly two Harris's and you told me that you have flown a Kestrel and a Merlin. This isn't a dig at you, but if you have this experience than surely you would know the answers to the most basic of questions that you keep asking?
  14. Feeding Female Harris Hawks And During Winter

    During the hawking season when I am flying I mainly feed mine on rabbit and the odd bits of chick. If you feed quail etc the hawks weight will fluctuate too much. Mine gets fed on what it catches plus topped up with the odd chick here and there. When moulting I feed rabbit, pheasant heads, squirrel (from her kills during winter,then frozen) a few chicks in and out and quail about twice or three times a week. Plenty of rabbit heads to keep the beak in shape. So long as they get some variety and plenty of natural quality food when moulting you shouldn't get any problems.
  15. Hooding Female Harris Hawk

    He's a decent bloke and his hoods are the best that I have used.