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  1. pav

    Out for a bit today

    Nice shooting bn I like that stock it perfect for my kind of shooting I tend to be to soft with wooden stocks
  2. pav

    Yukon Photon or night shot????

    Just had a quick look at nit owl 3x mag not to good and 4xaa battery don' last long iv had a photon 6.5 xt and you can' go wrong for the price second hand about 300 quid for airgun and beyond ranges and they run off 2 aa baterys get some Duracell duralock rechargeale and they will last at least 5 hours can be a bit awkward to zero due to losing elevation but just shim rear mount or you could always buy a second hand ward 700/800 add on both very good units
  3. pav

    FX impact

    what I like about them is there so short ideal for shooting from 4x4 and 6 full magazines from a fill that's 96 shots I have probably shot best part of 500 rabbits with mine in 4 month there deadly and not a single seal gone lol
  4. pav

    hw100 disaster

    That' just the last two nites out just gut them but hard work by yourself
  5. pav

    hw100 disaster

    Not to bad Jimmy very busy with this summer bunny cull
  6. pav

    hw100 disaster

    I just power wash the rapid and hang it on the washing line lol that 3 in 1 oil is a godsend
  7. pav

    Warden Adder Scopecam

    It has some very good points for me anyway but a couple of niggles for me the good bits are it has everything inide you will need to just put on back of scope and shoot it built in ir is not bad (my t50 gives a better pic) the battery is a great idea just stickl a spare in pocket and you needn't pay 100 quid extra on a dvr and if you go out daytime it' in colour to record your shots bad point is it magnify the xhairs a bit to much and the picture it looks like it' almost doubles it hasn' got the legs on distance the ward 800 has but airgun sub 12 and fac it' a handy bit of kit
  8. pav

    Warden Adder Scopecam

    It was me who put the review on nv forum mitch
  9. I have mine set the same as Phil but have power dial on 2 it' doing 43ftlb seems to be it' sweet spot
  10. pav

    Factory fields

    Well done lads it' all about getting out there
  11. pav

    xq50 thermal scope

    on other forums I have seen Thomas jacks turn around in a week phone them and ask they mite send you a display model to use if it going to be a while
  12. They have done a cracking job on it looks stunning
  13. pav

    Transfer station rats

    Excellent stuff love it
  14. pav

    xq50 thermal scope

    Same thing happened to my mates on the battery he got it off Ian b off here the battry knackerd he just gave him a new battery lucky Ian doesn' live far away
  15. pav

    Back on the estate

    Fields are the same here they were all shot from moter along tracks fields should be ok to drive soon so bags should go up