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  1. Re xq50

    No just white and black hot up to now
  2. Torch mount

    Tryed to pm you Phil just to say mount on way but wouldn' let me think your inbox is full
  3. Torch mount

    If got one Phil pm me your adress and il send it free of charge for all your help atb allan
  4. talk about win win situation

    Out of interest were you shooting it with the lens cap shut or open jimmy
  5. Theoben Rapid 12 in .22

    Think there was 104 in that pic ftm (billys)Just put up archie
  6. Theoben Rapid 12 in .22

    Phil I have an impact in .25 and a 22 Barrel they are great but can' seeing them standing the test of time the rapid has but if I'm still on this earth in 10 year I mite be putting a pic of 100 bunnys up with the impact atb allan
  7. Theoben Rapid 12 in .22

    And how old is the fx
  8. Theoben Rapid 12 in .22

    im yet to see the night when an over ten year old pcp will go out and shoot 100 rabbits without having to go back to the moter every 10 mins to top air up .....il stick with the old rapid thanks
  9. Police on my permission

    Iv just got in from shooting iv always got to ring in and get a job number as they call it and tonite a police van still pulled me just as I was pulling off the land soon as I gave him the number he was fine I think for the sake of a fone calls it' alit less hassle
  10. You can use the xq50 rifflescope on standard dovetail rail I do nd the standard battery on it lasts 8 hours
  11. FAC Airgun

    Some mk2s don't have scalloped blocks
  12. FAC Airgun

    They made some mk1 with scalloped blocks after 2007
  13. HW100S leak repair????

    Screw the bottle off and look into block there a pin with a small oring on it it mite be that or if you fill gun spit on were filler is see if it bubbles then it' the oring on the part you have took off
  14. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    I leave mine on auto all the time it only refreshes a few time tor a munute or two then its ever 5 mins or so but as said there a countdown on bottom if screen telling you its going to do it never botherd me
  15. Bangin mk1

    Only a homosexual who has never shot a .20 would come out with a comment like that