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  1. dogmandont

    Loose dog -Cudworth/Thurnscoe Area

    It’s hereditary in some families as that same fellas father got knocked out cold on my fathers doorstep in the 70s after giving my father a mouthful about how his dog had killed his sheep and he’d shot said dog and he needed x amount of pounds and he wasn’t leaving till he got it, all the while my fathers dog was curled up in his kennel. He never came knocking again. Lol.
  2. dogmandont

    Loose dog -Cudworth/Thurnscoe Area

    Sheep farmer local to me got in a bit of bother a while back for shooting a dog on the footpath along side a main road that goes past his farm, dog wasn’t even looking at his sheep and not the first time he had done it just a trigger happy Cnut.
  3. dogmandont

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    Is that the next of it, your going to get offended for other people. .
  4. dogmandont

    what country?

  5. dogmandont

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Most of these types don’t even like dogs.
  6. dogmandont

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    It will just be a mirror image of himself. Nancyboy.
  7. dogmandont

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    Now jump out of the closet.
  8. dogmandont


    Yip and your a real one. Fckin spice boy.
  9. dogmandont


    Fcuk all wrong with grizzly Adams he was a real man, your a fcukin poof fella.
  10. dogmandont


    Where the f**k have all the real men gone?????? It’s all f****n spray tans and f****n shaving every hair off their nancyboy body. Bunch of f****n closet homos..
  11. dogmandont

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be discussed, this is the terrier section on a hunting site and a load of fcukwits have done proper terrierwork and terriermen a massive disservice. Sometimes the silence is deafening.
  12. dogmandont

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Can’t defend the indefensible. Absolute fcukwits.
  13. dogmandont

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    He’s also writing a chapter on how much lead to give a fox to make it turn left or right.
  14. dogmandont

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Spit it out bb.
  15. dogmandont

    Bank account fraud

    Same here. lol. They’d maybe take pity on me and put a few quid into it.