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  1. Gutted

    It was YOUR fault the dog got flattened you bellend. Should of went home and give yourself a kicking and burned your own car.
  2. Gutted

    Your a f****n bellend. Lol. The kind of person the lurcher world can do without.
  3. Congratulations Tom Daley

    Yip two dung pushers can’t have a baby, bloody dung yes, baby NO. And that really is a FACT.
  4. whats the best food for lurchers

    I can honestly say I’ve never had a tooth left.
  5. whats the best food for lurchers

    Sheepsheads the food of the gods for dogs imo. Can’t be beaten. Clean teeth,strong jaw, good back. Heads, beef and tripe is as good as you can get in my opinion.
  6. Congratulations Tom Daley

    When two dung pushers can legally have a kid you know things have become FUBAR.
  7. The lines between right and wrong are more than blurred they’ve actually switched place. When a JUDGE sees fit to take more offence from something that is legal than that that is illegal you know the whole thing is fubar..
  8. Thing

  9. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    I’m guaranteed to find at least a couple every season, always when checking earths that’s near the roadside.
  10. Season finished

    And if terrier work was completely outlawed would you give them up?
  11. Season finished

    Rifle lads round here don’t know what a fox looks like up close never mind if she has cubs are not. It’s a case of pull the trigger then select first gear and drive on.
  12. Season finished

    Glyn I understand it has to happen it’s just not for me. Plus I don’t like to be at anyone’s beck and call. There is only a tiny amount of keepered ground around here and the day we were told we couldn’t come on during the season was the last day we stepped foot on it.
  13. Internet.

    Are as dumb as a brush.
  14. Internet.

    Same kind of dude that would sniff his sisters knickers not because he thought they were her friends but because he knew they were his sisters. Lol. Sick f**k.
  15. Season finished

    I’ve always had an off season always will. And I’ve never been held to ransom by a landowner or gamekeeper and never will. Only lads round here that stay at it are the rifle lads and they are a bunch of fuckwits.