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  1. RIP Malcolm Young

    RIP Malcolm. All time favourite band.
  2. Bellman

    Is it box and collar your after wilf? As there is a few reasonably priced alternatives on the market if it's just the box your after.
  3. Best looking car

    No sound better than the sp1.
  4. How much ?

    like I said on the other thread if I was to give 500 quid for a terrier I would of had to have seen it dug a lot. and if I seen it work a lot that would mean a friend owns it and he wouldn't be asking me 500 quid for it.
  5. Best looking car

    Not a car but cool as feck.
  6. This is frightening.

    No shortage of flies and bugs where I'm at, in fact in the summer they reach plague proportions ye want to try riding a motorbike at night round here. And because of the flies you get huge numbers of spiders and cobwebs.
  7. New layout

    It'll be them bloody Catholics again scot. Lol.
  8. How To Register Pedigree Pups

    Nail on the head as usual FD. Top man..
  9. How To Register Pedigree Pups

    I'd say you've shit on a few yourself FD. Karma dude karma.
  10. Milwaukee Heat Jacket

    Lazy Cnut I work with has one ordered. Spends the day working at the speed of a sloth are staring at his phone, poor lad needs something to keep him warm.
  11. Had a 16 foot dig to a welsh hound a couple of seasons ago.
  12. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    I'll keep an eye out up this end also.
  13. What Is A Cork White Terrier

    Must be something about lines that start with the letter c, cork terriers, cocker terriers, can only be spoken about in whispers and behind closed doors and only by men who have been gifted dogs from the very men that started the line. Anyone else that speaks of these lines doesn't know there ass from there elbow and should be shot at dawn.
  14. Four Britons Kidnapped In Nigeria

    It'll make a change them doing something for a few of there own citizens rather than doing what the Americans what them to do.
  15. Four Britons Kidnapped In Nigeria

    No it's there job to go into war zones are unsafe places for any reason the government sees fit.