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  1. Which one did I go for?

    i would shoot the wody simply because woody is good meat.
  2. look at this beauty...

    it looks FAC. very pretty rifle, love the forestock. it looks a bit like a firearm, i think they're called blaser r4's?? edit- yep i read below its 40 joules which is aound 30ftibs. so thats 50 FAC shots from a 300bar fill, it will probably be adapted for uk though.
  3. Another shocker

    i think we can be fairly sure that with more and more incidents like this airguns will be banned or you'll need an fac to own one in possibly the near future...
  4. First scope-cam rabbit & video of baby rabbits

    nice footage! subscribed btw.
  5. various cheap

    hey mate, you sure thats jack pyke field and stream trousers? there are deben field and stream trousers if that's what you mean. any pics?
  6. Airgun Law change :0

    hi all, just read this: http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/news/514649/Air_rifles_must_be_locked_up_under_new_guidance.html do we need to store our airguns in a cabinet now??? ATB Aaron.
  7. young hunters comp winners

    inbox cleared
  8. young hunters comp winners

    noted hang on a sec...
  9. young hunters comp winners

    wow, great! wasn't expecting to get anything, just after a bit of fun! cheers john, great comp!
  10. cant make my mind up?

    im the only one who's voted so fa and i've said s200. all the rifles there are around the same price, and the s200 is famed for it's accuracy adn reliability so i would say s200. i don't like the cocking and loading of the ultra and dont know about the raider.
  11. What is your motivation to go hunting?

    i think you missed a few facotrs such as food and pest control, not many hunters hunt purely for fun. lol on "What do you feel when you hunt?" i put: Satisfaction, Adrenaline, Recoil.
  12. Mad Dog Growler XL Trousers - APG Pattern

    jacket is sold. Quick postage, no fuss, very pleased
  13. one shot

    Nice shooting! what are you using, thats a great big hole for an airgun?
  14. whats the best silencer for a aa s410

    does the twink fit on grub screw like air arms or do yo need an adaptor?
  15. aa s40

    hmm there aroun £450 new in walnut so i ould say around £430 as you'll never sell gun at retail price even if they are brand new.