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  1. Mice

    I have a Holiday cottage in Scotland and I had not been for 2 weeks ,
  2. Mice

    I had two traps under cubby's each side of a door, This one must have gone in the left-hand trap head first then backed out dragging trap only to go in right hand side trap backwards
  3. Mice

    caught these two with trap under a cubby
  4. Fox snare advice

    Hi Thanks for that I will give it a go when I get my thinking head on
  5. Fox snare advice

    Where is the How to information on uploading pictures please
  6. After The Floods.

    Good work Cheers for the info
  7. After The Floods.

    Great catch could not wish for anything better than that, Did you catch in that simple hole you enlarged
  8. Mice

    I find putting the snap traps in small tight wooden cubby works wonders they seem to like to feed under cover

    They are going to be cramped in that shed. Lol
  10. Location Location Location!

    Looking good to me simple thinking.good on ya, hope you get many more
  11. conibear pans

    Thanks for the Info and thanks for taking the time to reply, Some nice simple tips on the vid Cheers
  12. conibear pans

    how is your pan fixed to the trigger arms are they brazed on
  13. Hoop Part Two

    Good Onya
  14. First Attempt

    When the snare is on your tealers you should strive to keep the same shape as the ones in you first photo within reason, Great try keep it up.
  15. Tealers

    Yes Woodga is the best vid for every thing you need in Rabbit snaring