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  1. withdrawn from sale
  2. Sea Fishing Gear

    can you post some pics
  3. Shooting Books And Terrier Book

    lol got rid of couple pictures on there take it your on there mate
  4. Shooting Books And Terrier Book

    anyone ? before they go on ebay ?
  5. Clulite Shootalite Lamp Sold

    Lamp sold now
  6. Clulite Shootalite Lamp Sold

    im uncertain mate
  7. Samsung Galaxy Ace

    sent u inbox
  8. Old huge Lurcher whippet print in frame does look like the print has been taken from a very old picture , (no glass) , swap fr half decent mobile , catapult ? location kent
  9. Shooting Books And Terrier Book

    books , /: move mount shoot (clays) , sporting pigeon shooting , shotguns and shooting , the jack russel terrier , looking to swap for nice catapult , half decent mobile , broken springer or cheap springer , psp atb Nick
  10. Clulite shootalite lamp , works fine just needs battry , been stored away in loft for past year , can be scope mounted or handheld , looking to swap for Nice catty...... I been looking at them buffalo horn ones on ebay ? or half decent phone , or xbox 360 for my son or cheap springer air rifle or air rifle which needs work i.e spares or repair atb Nick.... location Kent
  11. Picture Of Pup

    Mines nearly 6 months now , she looks strong pup mate
  12. Pup16 Week

    looks like spitting image of my pup mate
  13. Picture Of Pup

    Nice pup mate hold old is he she , whats in it atb Nick.
  14. My Pup At 5 Months :)

    thanks fella
  15. My Pup At 5 Months :)

    Coming along well.