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  1. Spider Indentification

    https://www.buglife.org.uk/bugs-and-habitats/garden-cross-spider Garden cross spider or a garden orb
  2. Goldfish

  3. Goldfish

    Some of my koi
  4. Goldfish

    Had loads of tropical tanks and still got my koi pond
  5. Thoughts Of The So Far

    sorry I just realised you was saying two different things so either way I'm f****d he s peddling me a pet for 350 and if he sells it cheap he s farming. And by the sounds of things you can't get decent dog's that aren't inbred or shit without getting them gifted?no mate if it's a peddler he will charge top price, loads of lines are inbred to keep the family going. Best to find someone breeding to keep a pup back for themselves and ask for a spare pup as there is still decent lads in the game
  6. Thoughts Of The So Far

    Chocs are peddlers dreams as more coin, if they just bought the dog and bred it for a litter then they are puppy farmer. If you ain't keen on digging try to find a nice Russell, anybody breeding litters has to get them vet checked especially if they have been docked
  7. Thoughts Of The So Far

    Pets4homes and chocolate patts are a peddlers dream, top price for useless pet dogs sold as digging dogs. Usually with a terrier man or 2 names attached to add extra money on the price
  8. Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    A few lads still working greyhounds around me and they are worth the breeding off
  9. Crazy Lady!

    That is not Judy Spewitt as she does the welsh sabs, forgot her name but will find out
  10. Irish Staffs

    General answered one question earlier in the thread
  11. Irish Staffs

    My bitch, 17kg fit but not a irish staff
  12. I go for the lower weight for rivers but if I get a big reservoir rod I would go the higher number for more distance especially when it's over fished like a lot of commercial places now
  13. Think the 9ft 6 sovereign is a 7/8 weight rod so go for the 7 line, as it's more for reservoir and lake fishing distances. I have the taper line on my rod at the minute and pulling a few out on the river with it
  14. Decent reel and I use the 6 weight line on the river
  15. Loads on eBay as well, I was looking at a new reel last week